How to buy a property in Turkey in 3 days

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The demand for buying a property in Turkey is increasing day by day, in search of a profitable investment, permanent residence, or vacation and recreation in one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

Many of those interested in buying a property in Turkey do not know exactly where to start, or what lines are needed to buy a property, and how do I guarantee that this property is the best for me and my situation Within the available budget.

We at Akarkom offer you a fast road map to owning a property in 3 days:

After you arrive in Turkey safely, your real estate company will meet you from the airport and drive you to the hotel. After that - and based on your desire - we provide you with a real estate tour

And a comprehensive visit to the projects that have been identified by you, or that have been agreed upon with you in advance.

In this round, the proposed projects are visited in one go, so that we ensure that you see the available options as soon as possible, in order to save your time, and also in case it is the offer you want includes a limited number of apartments.

After you have chosen the specific project or projects, we make reservations for the apartment (s).

Booking process: Paying an amount not exceeding 1% of the price of the property, which is a refundable amount, provided that it is within the time specified by the construction company.

And after the consultations provided by your real estate company, and the communication that is not interrupted with you during the purchase process: in terms of answering inquiries, no matter how detailed and accurate, we start making the contract with the construction company, and converting the agreed words into written, signed and clear paper and documents To all parties.

How do I buy a property in Turkey on the third day: We do the agency work for the real estate company (your real estate company) to open and deliver basic services (electricity, water, gas, internet, and buy furniture as we also supervise its installation in the apartment).

With these simple steps, you can own a dream property in Turkey. You can also if you are communicating with other real estate companies and you want to make sure that these Offers really fit your needs:

Do not ever hesitate to contact us and request a free real estate consultation.

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