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Basaksehir is located on the right bank of the Istanbul Canal which is the century project of the Turkish state. The area of ​​Basaksehir is the closest to Istanbul Airport, in which the largest square in Turkey is being built, comparable in beauty to Taksim Square, in addition to the botanical garden that is being established, as its size is equivalent to the size of 100 united football fields, in addition to the presence of the metro and a distinguished network of transportation and highways.

The region received clear attention from the Turkish state, and the Basaksehir Medical City was opened in it.

The area is characterized by the presence of a metro line in addition to being one of the conservative areas and its proximity to the Istanbul Canal and Istanbul Airport, the largest airport in the world, which makes it a destination for investors and lovers of tranquility due to the large number of large areas in it.

The average property price is 650.000 TL for medium apartments.

Bahcesehir District:

 It is located on the left bank of the Basaksehir district. The most characteristic of this area is the calmness and the abundance of green spaces, in addition to the presence of a very special garden inside it called golet, where the metro station will be established inside the area at Akbati Mall, which is one of the most famous malls in the region as a whole. In addition to its proximity to Istanbul Airport. The most characteristic of the area is the wonderful urban organization and the absence of slums, as the entire area is an area of ​​modern projects, which gives it a beautiful luster, as many hotels will be opened soon, the most famous of which is the Sheraton Hotel and Complex.

The area is characterized by being the best place for lovers of relaxation and nature in addition to the presence of all services such as cafes and restaurants.

The average property price is 500.000 TL for medium apartments


Esenyurt area:

 It is one of the most sought-after areas and the most offered by real estate companies.

This area is divided into two parts: a section close to Esenyurt Square and a section far from it and close to the E5 line. Real estate consultants advise not to buy near the square, due to the large number of slums and crowding, in addition to the scarcity of housing projects and the reliance on independent buildings.

The area near the E5 line and the metrobus connecting the two sides of Istanbul, which works around the clock, is characterized by the absence of random buildings, in addition to the presence of the second largest mall in Istanbul, which is the Marmara Park Mall, as well as the Torium Mall, which is characterized by the presence of the snow city. There are also branches in the region of many famous Arab, Turkish and international restaurants and cafes, especially in the Jumhouriat area.

Average prices 450,000 TL for medium apartments


Beylikduzu area:

Beylikduzu is also considered one of the high-end areas as it is the closest to the sea, in addition to the presence of the marina on its beautiful coast, as well as the presence of many cafes, restaurants and many other services. It is also characterized by the presence of huge projects in it and the lack of random buildings in addition to the fact that it meets the demand of customers who are looking for calm and sea views. .

It is located at the southern end of the E5 ring line, and its transportation is secure due to its proximity to the Metrobus line. It is also close to malls and service places in addition to Arab restaurants.

The average price of the area is 550.000 TL for medium apartments



What determines the area in which you want to buy is you and not the real estate companies. When you want to buy a property near the center of the country, you can choose the areas near the center.

And when you want to buy a property closer to rural areas with sea views as well, you can choose the area with knowing its features, so be the leader in choosing

If you want the opinion of an expert real estate consultant, do not hesitate to contact us.

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