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Feb 5, 2023

How to Get Turkish Citizenship With the Highest ROI Guarantee

A number of amendments to the Turkish Investment Citizenship Law have recently been issued, where the amount of citizenship has been reduced. According to the new law, a foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship if he buys a property worth $400,000, instead of the previous value of $250,000, with the condition that investor do not sell the property for three years.

How to get Turkish citizenship, with the highest ROI guaranteed:

The Turkish Gazette published a law amending the conditions for granting citizenship in exchange for the purchase of the property, which also includes the purchase of real estate under construction. This opened the door to the possibility of investment with a high profit return along with the advantage of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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It has been noted recently that real estate marketing companies show it as a green light to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying real estate in installments, although the text of the amendment is clear that the amount has to be paid in full (real estate worth at least $400,000) to start the process of Turkish citizenship.

Therefore, we advise repeatedly to check the offer and consult a professional lawyer provided by credible real estate companies, to ensure that you have purchased the right property and you have followed the necessary steps for the acceptance of your application of Turkish citizenship.

How to get Turkish citizenship, with the highest ROI guaranteed?

It is also known that the real estate will be frozen against sale for three years.

How can I guarantee the highest return on investment during these years?

There are number of residential projects in Istanbul, which provide high return on investment and clear contracts signed and installed at the notary (Notre), up to 8 % per annum of the property value. Some of these projects have a resale warranty after three years, with a return that could reach 40% or more of the value of the property and can be rented directly during the three years.

For those wishing to buy real estate under construction and obtain Turkish citizenship, we offer projects which are located in areas with a return on investment of more than 35% in two and a half years.

So, if you want to get Turkish investment citizenship, why do not you put your investment in the right place and guarantee yourself a huge profit return.

Now you can get a comprehensive legal real estate advice, provided by a Turkish lawyer assigned to real estate cases and nationalization of foreign investors, feel free to contact us.

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