How to Get Turkish Citizenship With the Highest ROI

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The Turkish government recently issued a number of amendments to the terms of granting Turkish citizenship for buying real estate in Turkey. We all know that, in the previous years, real estate investment needed for Turkish citizenship was $250,000. However, according to the new law, properties of $400,000 or more can, only, qualify investors for Turkish citizenship, providing not to resell the property for 3 years.

The new law and granting Turkish citizenship by buying real estate:

The Turkish Gazette published a law amending the conditions for granting citizenship for buying real estate in Turkey, which also includes buying under-construction real estate. This opened the door to the possibility of investment with a high profit return along with the advantage of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

It has been noted recently that real estate companies assume that obtaining Turkish citizenship can be by buying real estate in installments, although the text of the amendment is clear which confirms that the amount has to be paid cash (real estate of at least $400,000) to start the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Therefore, we always advise you to consult a professional lawyer provided by a well-known real estate companies, to ensure that you have bought the right property and you have followed the necessary steps for the acceptance of your application.

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Why to invest in Turkish real estate?

Turkey is witnessing a great economic prosperity in all respects, these days, which has greatly and positively affected the real estate market, which, in turn, has made Turkey a first investment destination for businessmen and investors around the world, for many reasons, including:

  1. Turkey is a safe investment environment for investors because all laws are in favor of the foreign investors, to ensure their rights and are not deceived or defrauded.
  2. The Turkish real estate market, unlike other global real estate markets, depends on the purchasing power of local citizens. The percentage of Turks buying real estate in Turkey is 97% compared to only 3% for foreigners, which makes the Turkish real estate market a solid market and not easily falling.
  3. Real estate prices in Turkey are much cheaper than real estate prices in Europe or the Gulf countries. However, it is known for the durability of its construction and the beauty of its modern and safe designs.
  4. Real estate investment in Turkey, unlike most countries in the world, brings a large financial return, in a very short period of time, which may be 3 years.
  5. Real estate prices in Turkey are rising dramatically, especially these days, due to the Turkish government's interest in infrastructure, in addition to the establishment of new strategic projects that will create a radical change in the global economy, especially after the announcement of Turkey's Vision 2023, such as: the New Istanbul Canal, the gas fields. satellites, and many others.

How to get Turkish citizenship with the highest ROI?

It is known that the real estate will be frozen against sale for three years, as one of the conditions of obtaining Turkish citizenship for real estate investment. Therefore, the question is now: How to guarantee the highest return on investment during these 3 years?

There are many residential projects in Istanbul, which provide high return on investment, up to 8% per annum of the property value, under clear contracts signed and certified at the notary. Some of these projects have a resale warranty three years later, with a return that could reach 40% or more of the value of the property. They are also can be rented directly during the three years.

For those wiling to buy under-construction real estate and obtain Turkish citizenship, we offer projects which are located in areas with a return on investment of more than 35% within two and a half years. So, if you want to get Turkish citizenship by real estate investment, you have to put your investment in the right place and guarantee yourself a huge profit return.

We offer you our services in the field of buying real estate in Turkey in three stages, before buying the property, after purchasing the property, and during the purchasing process. We also provide you with the latest real estate offers, in Turkey, that go with your desires and the specifications that you desire, including suitable real estate, offers to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, and purchasing real estate in Turkey within a standard period of 90 days.

Credibility, honesty, and speed are our motto. Do not hesitate to visit our company on the ground or online, in order to request various services at any time you want.

We are ready to answer all your inquiries, so do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, please click here.

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