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  1. Latest updates on naturalization law in Turkey:
  2. How to obtain citizenship by buying real estate?
  3. Other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:
  4. General conditions for naturalization in Turkey:
  5. The most prominent advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

The Turkish government is constantly working on issuing laws and amendments regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship and foreigners buying real estate in Turkey due to the desire of many people and investors in particular to obtain it.

Since 2018 AD until today, Turkey has passed many important legal legislations and updates.

Follow our next article to find out everything related to this topic.

Latest updates on naturalization law in Turkey:

At the end of 2018, many decisions and amendments were issued that grant the foreigner the acquisition of Turkish citizenship if he invested his money in Turkey and the matter is as follows:

1 - When investing in real estate with a value of two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more, with a commitment not to sell the property before the lapse of three years.

(Previously, the property price had to be at least $1 million.)

2 - Upon financial investment of five hundred thousand US dollars for a period of three years.

(Earlier the amount had to be a minimum of $2 million).

3 - If you made a bank deposit in a bank in Turkey and committed not to withdraw it before the lapse of three years.

(Before 2018, the amount should have been at least $3 million).

4 - You can obtain Turkish citizenship if a business is established and 50 Turkish people are employed.

(Before the government issued the amendments, 100 employees had to be employed.)

How to obtain citizenship by buying real estate?

Despite the importance and ease of all ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, real estate remains the first choice for everyone. According to statistics, during the past year, it was found that more than forty percent of real estate sales recorded by the city of Istanbul were for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The following steps must be followed in order for the property to be suitable for obtaining citizenship:

1 - We have already indicated that its price should not be less than 250 thousand dollars.

2 - The property must not be sold before the lapse of three years (you will submit a pledge in this regard).

3 - The value of the property must be paid through a Turkish bank to the seller's account.

4 - The value of the property in foreign currency must be sold to the Central Bank through one of the banks operating in the banking sector.

5 - A document confirming the sale of the property's value in foreign currency must be brought to the Central Bank.

6 - You cannot obtain citizenship by purchasing a property that was previously used for the same purpose.

7 - You must buy the property from a Turkish home in particular.

You may be wondering what if you buy the property from a foreign national? You will not be able to obtain Turkish citizenship through it, but it can be used for housing, for example.

Another important note is that the previous nationality of the foreigner who owned the property must be confirmed, and it must not be the current nationality of the foreigner.

Other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

- It can be obtained through marriage to a Turkish citizen (it can only be submitted after three years from the date of the marriage in order to make sure that it is real and not only for the purpose of obtaining it.

- Through adoption (if a Turkish family adopts a foreign national under the age of eighteen, he must not pose any threat to national security).

- When proving belonging to the Ottoman Empire (documents that confirm this must be submitted).

- The Turkish authorities grant an exception to citizenship in some cases (in the event that a foreigner presents a scientific or technological achievement).

General conditions for naturalization in Turkey:

There are general conditions that must be met by those who wish to obtain this citizenship, which we mention in full through the following points.

- He must be over the age of eighteen (the legal age).

- He should be of full mental capacity.

- He must not be a carrier of an infectious disease that affects public health in Turkey.

- He should not have a judicial record (in order to maintain public security).

- To have a stable income sufficient for him and his family.

- He must fulfill the requirement to reside in Turkey for five continuous years without interruption.

- He should have good conduct and good morals.

- He must provide evidence confirming the sincerity of his intention to live and settle in Turkey.

- He must be able to speak Turkish (in a way that enables him to communicate with members of the community).

The most prominent advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

For these advantages, foreigners seek to obtain this citizenship, and accordingly it is considered one of the most important nationalities in the world.

1 - The holder obtains a strong passport that facilitates travel to many countries without having to obtain a visa.

2 - Some countries have granted Turkish citizens the right to obtain citizenship through the Internet.

3 - The investor gets a lot of facilities in completing transactions.

4 - He will retain his first nationality (he will be able to benefit from the benefits offered by both nationalities).

5 - You can benefit from advanced educational and medical services (for free or at low costs).

6 - You can vote in general elections and get important jobs.

7 - The holder of that nationality has the right to practice professions that a foreigner is prohibited from practicing (such as law - veterinary medicine - pharmacy).

8 - To obtain this residence permit, it will not take long (only three months from the date of application).

We have provided you with everything you want to know about Turkish citizenship. If you have any other questions, you can contact us to provide you with assistance.

Among the services that we provide to our clients, we assist in obtaining Turkish citizenship and provide real estate suitable for the conditions for obtaining it.

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