In Turkey, Should I buy a ready property or build it myself?

This is the major question an investor always have in his mind while investing or buying in the rea...

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Undoubtedly, Turkey has become the first choice of residence and vacation for all nationalities. It combines European civilization with Eastern Islamic heritage and as a consulting and real estate marketing company, here we will answer your concerns about the possibility of buying ready property or land and building a property on it with specific details and characteristics. So, we decided to list these details in this article explaining the differences between both.

Advantages of buying a ready property:

Do you wish to buy a ready to move property? Of course, that would be the best choice because in that case you can focus on other important things.

As a buyer, in this case, you won’t have to deal with the municipality and license issue. You will never have to follow construction workshops and workers.

There is another good aspect while buying a ready property, you don’t have to worry about the location as large real estate developers carefully select their project’s locations in terms of services and adjacency to transportation, strategic places are reserved for them. And therefore, this would result into variety of offers and you can easily choose the property according to your requirements.


But in terms of disadvantage, you will be bound to purchase at listed price and you won’t be part of the design of the project.

Advantages of buying a piece of land and building a customized property on it:

There is another option if you don’t want to buy ready property and wish to buy a land in turkey and construct it yourself, as it would be composed of several apartments and therefore you can choose the residents of this building. It would be up to you to choose the location of your building according to your budget; you can buy it near any university and make it a private student residence and other countless options.

This option also allows you to design the apartment exactly the way you want, such as making your apartment horizontal and to make use of the remaining space to make it an elegant garden, or to build a building with special specifications and sell it with high return on investment that you may not be able to earn in case of ready apartments.


Most of the well-established areas in terms of services and transportation, they are reserved for major real estate developers, for example on the metro line or near seaside. Moreover, dealing with construction workshops and construction workers, needs careful studies to understand the distribution of budget and expenses so as not to exceed what was planned.


Both options have pros and cons, You are the one who can determine the most suitable choice.

Our qualified real estate experts are ready to offer you free advice to help you make the best choice.

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