Ingredients for successful real estate investment in Istanbul 2022

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Ingredients for successful real estate investment in Turkey Istanbul 2022

Real estate investment in Istanbul is one of the most prominent economic activities in this city, which ranks first in terms of population within it compared to the rest of the Turkish states! How can this sector not succeed when it has enough ingredients to advance it to the highest international levels! Yes, today Istanbul real estate and real estate investment activities within it are in the competition arena with the properties of the most important European countries in terms of real competition with advantages and price competition! Here are more details about this special economic activity. Learn in our words the ingredients for successful real estate investment in Istanbul 2021.

About real estate investment in Turkey Istanbul

Istanbul is the economic capital of the Republic of Turkey and the most populous state! Istanbul outperforms all Turkish states in the various economic activities in the country: industry, commerce, agriculture, education, tourism and finally real estate investment! Real estate investment movements in Istanbul are witnessing a wave of activity and an ever-increasing demand, according to many of the elements that we summarize in the following:

Istanbul's prime location

Istanbul enjoys an important and distinctive strategic location, as it extends over the continents of Asia and Europe, and its Asian and European parts are separated by the famous Bosphorus Strait, which is classified as one of the most important global trade routes as well as being a unique tourist phenomenon in the world! This wide extension gives Istanbul real estate and real estate investment activities in Istanbul a lot of richness and diversity in specifications and offers!

Charming views!

You must have seen one of Istanbul's famous pictures, which is a view of the Bosphorus Strait and the Bosphorus bridge on its banks, villas, real estate and successive cultural landmarks! Istanbul overlooks several bodies of water, including the Black Sea, the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus with its beauty and splendor. Therefore, Istanbul real estate enjoys charming, exclusive and stunning sea views!

Solid Infrastructure:

Istanbul is characterized by natural resources, great natural treasures, and a highly developed infrastructure, which gives different properties a high value, quality and distinction.

Turkey's solid economy:

The solid and vibrant Turkish economy, which has proven its ability to withstand all changes and local and global economic crises, has the optimal and greatest role in the advancement and continuation of various real estate renaissance projects in Istanbul and other states and cities…


The service sector in Turkey, including its aspects, transportation, social, health, educational, cultural, public service facilities, constitutes one of the main components and an important cornerstone in real estate development and the success of investment projects in Turkey Istanbul.

Recent vital projects:

Istanbul is witnessing the establishment of many huge vital projects such as the new Istanbul Water Canal, the new Istanbul Airport, the Third Istanbul Bridge… all of them are huge projects that will push the process of economic progress towards a new, bright horizon. The importance of real estate investment in Istanbul is increasing day by day near these projects, and the properties of the areas near the aforementioned projects are witnessing an increasing investment importance and increasing prices!


Due to the tourist nature of Istanbul and its world-renowned resorts and tourist spots, it attracts tourists from all over the world to explore the edition, civilization and heritage, and enjoy their trips and holidays in the beautiful Istanbul environment. Tourism is one of the most important ingredients for the success of real estate investment in Istanbul 2021, as it supports continuity and increases the market need for new and constantly updated projects!

Real estate prices in Istanbul:

The prices of real estate in Istanbul are competitive and cheap when compared with similar properties in various European countries, and this is what attracts foreign and Arab investors and invites them to invest in Istanbul with competitive budgets! Of course, real estate prices in Istanbul vary according to many different factors and determinants, and this diversity offers many opportunities to suit all desires and tastes!

Government support for the real estate sector in Turkey:

The Turkish government offers its loyalty and support to the real estate sector in Turkey with the aim of attracting investment movements and huge capital and pushing it towards investment and development in Turkey. Forms of government support for the real estate sector in Turkey are reflected in many supportive decisions such as reducing taxes and real estate fees for foreign investors and granting Turkish citizenship through real estate investment!

Real estate diversity in Istanbul:

Istanbul is witnessing an exciting real estate diversity... It contains an abundance of offers and various options with specifications between apartments, houses, villas, residential projects, shops and others... which makes Istanbul real estate meet the desires of various investors!

Real estate companies in Istanbul:

Real estate companies in Istanbul are the link between the investor and the investment treasures in Istanbul, Turkey! It is the perfect place to get guidance and advice, and to buy and sell real estate in a guaranteed way that guarantees you all your rights.

These are the most important and most prominent elements of the success of real estate investment in Istanbul 2021-2022, despite the outbreak of the Corona pandemic worldwide and its negative results in terms of economic activities in various countries of the world! However, real estate investments in Istanbul and the buying and selling movements did not stop! Istanbul's investments continued to succeed despite the various difficult circumstances and accumulated obstacles! A lot of steps and stages and public investments have been made online! Today and every day! We advise you to take advantage of the elements of successful real estate investment in Istanbul 2021 and start your investment project and receive brilliant successes in your life!

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