Invest in student housing in Istanbul to earn profits

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Invest in student housing in Istanbul to earn profits

Istanbul is the preferred place for real estate investment in Turkey Istanbul from the point of view of major investors from Arab, European or other foreign countries.. Istanbul provides you with a very high-end residential environment, and this explains the aging of the different communities towards housing and settling within Istanbul! Istanbul is full of various residential real estate, including complexes, residential projects, apartments, student apartments, and others.. There are many areas of real estate investment in Turkey Istanbul, and we will discuss in our discussion in this article investments in residential real estate, specifically investment in student housing in Turkey Istanbul!

Invest in student housing in Istanbul to earn profits!

What do you know about student housing investments in Turkey Istanbul?

Students come to Istanbul universities to learn within them from all over the Turkish states and from all Arab and foreign countries of the world, which creates the need for student housing for these… There are student housing projects within certain areas close to universities and transportation, and they require certain specifications..

One of the most prominent features of student housing in Istanbul differentiating it from other residential projects is.. The location of student housing projects should be close to the places where universities are located in Istanbul and be located on the main transportation routes in Istanbul. The design of residential real estate in Istanbul must be according to special student design plans, and this is what dictates that the apartments in Istanbul for students are in quiet locations, comfortable views of the soul, and small spaces that guarantee the independence and comfort of the student. There are services that should be available very close to student housing projects in Istanbul, such as health units, a commercial center, a taxi office, and other necessary service facilities for daily life that the student may need..

How can you invest in student housing in Istanbul Turkey?

The university study period of the year ranges from 9 to 12 months, and as we know, Turkish universities in Istanbul are among the best local universities in Turkey, which also enjoy an advanced ranking in terms of global competition with other universities in the world!

In addition, the Turkish government offers more than 4000 scholarships annually to students of all nationalities and cultural backgrounds! This ensures the continuation and success of student housing investment in Istanbul Turkey!

Even in light of the Corona crisis that swept the world and led to a general closure at the level of all official and private government departments, including universities in Istanbul, Turkey, and thus the education system shifted to online!

Foreign students continued to reside in Turkey within the student housing units because they were unable to leave Turkey due to the general ban and restrictions and other matters related to the costs of going and returning!

This study period in universities in Turkey Istanbul guarantees you the continuation of your real estate investments within student housing projects in full swing, and during holidays, you can invest in student housing units by renting them to tourists!

Student housing investment options in Istanbul Turkey:

You can buy student housing apartments that are not ready or under construction and resell them after they are equipped, cladded and finished as the investor wants, or they can be invested by renting them to students through the real estate investor directly or through real estate offices in Istanbul, which is the best and optimal option!

You can rent furnished or unfurnished student residence apartments in Istanbul! Of course, the prices of student housing apartments in Istanbul vary according to all the factors that we have discussed, such as: the quality of the view, the presence of balconies in the apartment or not, the size of the apartment, the furnishings and equipment in the student apartment, designs and other factors…

Difficulties or pitfalls you may encounter during your investment in student housing in Turkey:

It is possible that you will receive a lack of cooperation from some students, and your apartment that you invest by renting it to students may be exposed to some sabotage or cracking by some students.. Of course, the matter is resolved through an agreement between you and the student that the apartment is maintained, its furniture is maintained, you are notified of developments, and the apartment is delivered in a timely manner!

Can you obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in student housing in Turkey?

Yes, student housing apartments are no different from the rest of Istanbul apartments from a legal point of view for real estate in Turkey and real estate investment in Turkey!

You can apply and obtain Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey worth 250 thousand US dollars, and this is the direct condition!

Of course, you can buy more than one student apartment in Istanbul within more than one place, provided that the total value of the prices of all these properties reaches the value specified above!

And it is 250 thousand US dollars or its equivalent, according to the currency exchange rate! Yes! Invest in student housing in Istanbul to earn profits and obtain Turkish citizenship!

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