Istanbul apartments or villas … Which is the best investment?

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Istanbul apartments or villas … Which is the best investment?

Tourism in Istanbul is one of the most prominent and important economic activities that reflect its activity on the strength and activity of other sectors, especially the real estate investment sector in Istanbul, Turkey. Investors come from all over the world in order to closely explore Istanbul, its neighborhoods, and its various tourist attractions, and to build their own investment projects in the lands of Istanbul, which is a fertile building block for various real estate investments. Real estate investments that are related to tourism in Istanbul are considered the most important of their kind and the most popular and famous! There is a clear real estate diversity in all neighborhoods and cities of Istanbul in terms of real estate types and shapes… There are apartments for sale in Istanbul, villas for sale in Turkey Istanbul, lands, shops, and so on… Of the most important real estate that attracts tourists and investors and tempts them to buy and invest, we mention apartments for sale in Istanbul and villas for sale in Istanbul. In this article, we will look at each of the two options, apartments for sale in Istanbul and villas for sale in Istanbul ... If you are confused about whether to know apartments or villas in Istanbul ... Which is the best investment? Read with us the following words:

Advantages of buying and investing apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey:

Apartments of Istanbul, Turkey: The apartments are characterized by relatively competitive prices compared to the villas and vary among them. There are apartments designated for housing that may be independent or within a residential complex, there are hotel apartments suitable for tourists, apartments for student housing, apartments in the form of studios, apartments for families, and several other types…

Villas of Istanbul, Turkey: One of the most important tourist properties and its specifications and views vary depending on the location.. Istanbul villas witness strong, prosperous and developed investments and are often bought, rented or invested by investors or high-class tourists. The prices of villas in Istanbul for sale vary according to many components and factors. Certainly, the prices of Istanbul villas are more expensive than the prices of Istanbul apartments for sale!

Where can you buy apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey or villas for sale in Istanbul, Turkey?

Istanbul apartment offers enjoy great tourist importance as a result of the abundance of landmarks and tourist places in Istanbul, in addition to the presence of extraordinary natural diversity, a distinctive sea view, a solid infrastructure, and a high atmosphere in the construction and renaissance of real estate and apartments. One of the most important types of apartments that are popular with investors, tourism and real estate investors in particular, are hotel apartments for sale in Istanbul, studios for sale in Istanbul Turkey, and ordinary apartments.

Learn about the most suitable areas for buying apartments and villas in Istanbul, European and Asian:

The Turkish city of Istanbul consists of 39 provinces and 27 of these provinces or regions constitute the actual city in them.... Istanbul, the European side, consists of 25 provinces, and Istanbul the Asian side of 14 provinces... The Bosphorus Strait separates the Asian and European section of Istanbul. Each region or every district of Istanbul, European or Asian, has certain advantages and characteristics… This makes it easier to choose the most suitable areas to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul or villas for sale in Turkey Istanbul for the investor… The selection process depends on the goal and on the investor’s desire to buy Apartment in Istanbul Turkey or buy a villa. In general, all areas and neighborhoods of Istanbul are considered suitable and fulfill the basic and luxury conditions necessary for housing and living within a high and competitive level! The European section of Istanbul is witnessing a great attraction for investors and residents and a strong sales movement, and the region is characterized by a strong real estate and tourist demand.

Among the most important suitable areas in European Istanbul:

Basaksehir: Basaksehir is located in an average location for the European side of Istanbul, and it is considered one of the most popular tourist and real estate areas. It is characterized by its proximity to the city center and the new Istanbul airport, the availability of modern transportation and strong infrastructure. Its apartments are characterized by their increasingly high prices, which makes them a successful and promising investment hub.

Bakirkoy: Bakirkoy is located in the south of the European side of Istanbul, and is characterized by a stunning sea view of the coasts of Marmara, and the elements of high-end life and luxury are available.. It is full of real estate, investment opportunities, malls, centers and ancient streets.

Beylikduzu: Beylikduzu overlooks the Marmara Sea and is adjacent to the Esenyurt area and is easily accessible via modern and fast transportation. These areas are witnessing a great demand by investors, traders and residents, and have gained a lot of fame in recent years. Beylikdüzü also continues to make many leaps in the field of real estate renaissance.

Bahcesehir: It is also called the city of gardens, due to its great beauty and the large number of gardens in it, and this area is located next to the famous Basaksehir. It includes many huge residential complexes, hotels, amenities, recreational facilities and hotels... There are also Kucukcekmece, Esenyurt and many other areas in European Istanbul.

As for Istanbul, the Asian side, it is also characterized by the presence of many areas within green, fresh and quiet natural spaces, and it is a special place for anyone who desires a beautiful life in green nature, away from crowding and urban centers. We mention from the most important areas suitable for buying apartments or villas for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side:

Uskudar: It is one of the most beautiful areas with a sea front on the Bosphorus, the Maiden's Tower, and other prominent and important tourist attractions.

Kadikoy: Or as it is known as modern Kadikoy, Kadikoy is an area teeming with cafes, restaurants, malls, shops and important commercial centers... Baghdad Street is considered one of the most important and famous neighborhoods of Kadikoy Istanbul, which is characterized by its luxury and sophistication!

Maltepe district in Istanbul Asian side: Maltepe is one of the relatively modern Asian areas of Istanbul, and Maltepe is characterized by a view of the Marmara Sea and the Princess Islands, which gives Maltepe various properties, including apartments for sale in Istanbul and villas for sale in Turkey Istanbul, with a wonderful view! Maltepe is characterized by a very special and strategic location suitable for real estate investments in Istanbul, as it is separated from Sabiha Airport by only 26 km and is close to Taksim Square and is only half an hour away by car!

Princess Islands in Istanbul, Asian side: Among the most important and prominent tourist attractions within the region, the Princess Islands attract the largest and most important tourism and real estate investment projects. The tourism activity increases the real estate investments in the Princess Islands significantly and clearly.

Real estate companies in Istanbul are your best place to decide Istanbul apartments or villas... Which is the best investment?

Both options are possible, and real estate companies in Istanbul will help you determine your desires and see the latest real estate offers in the area of ​​interest to you and that fit your budget and the specifications you desire. Note that there are different real estate properties, whether apartments for sale in Istanbul or villas for sale in Turkey Istanbul, suitable for investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying property or investing a real estate in Turkey during a record period of time that does not exceed 3 months!

Do not hesitate to knock on the doors of real estate offices in Istanbul at any time you want. You can also visit the official website of the company and request real estate advice!

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