Istanbul countryside is a great investment option

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Istanbul, with a population of 16 million, is one of the largest cities in Europe. According to a Euromonitor International study, the total number of visitors who visited Turkey in 2021 was around 46 million, and Istanbul was the most visited city in the country. The city is divided into 39 municipalities, 27 of which are in the city center, all of which are referred to as Greater Istanbul and administered by the Greater Istanbul Municipality.

In Istanbul, many investors have undertaken multiple projects. They made a lot of money and more than quadrupled their capital in Turkey. As a result, new prominent investors have emerged from Turkey in global sectors.

Real estate investment in Istanbul

Real estate investment is one of the most important forms of investment in Istanbul. Even with the current crisis of the Turkish currency, real estate transactions have made excellent profits. When compared to real estate values ​​in US dollars or Saudi riyals, for example, it was an excellent opportunity for many investors to consolidate their investments and engage in new transactions at unprecedented rates. Where there was a wonderful investment opportunity in hotel buildings. Foreign investors who focused on generating profitable returns by renting or even reselling found that investing in stores for sale in Istanbul was a very reliable option.

When searching for an agricultural property in Istanbul, you must be careful and patient to start your new agricultural project. As for the reasons for preferring investment areas in Istanbul over others, it is known that real estate investment in Istanbul has witnessed qualitative leaps that distinguish Istanbul real estate over others, and this may partly be due to the city’s expansion over a very large area between two continents, where the best real estate investment areas are located in Istanbul .

Agriculture and food sector in Istanbul

The climatic zones in Turkey are varied, and agricultural crops such as fruits and vegetables are spread appropriately. Istanbul holds the Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit for Food and Agriculture every year

Istanbul countryside

If the city of Istanbul is the first destination for tourism in Turkey, then the countryside of Istanbul is no less famous than it. Many elements of natural life in terms of services in addition to its richness in tourist and recreational activities, archaeological sites, beaches, parks, and markets.

If a person feels the burdens of the complexities and speed of life in major cities such as Istanbul or others, he must go to the villages and cities of the countryside of Istanbul to take a rest period in which he renews his energy and restores his vitality. Whether it's a weekend getaway or even one-day visits, and whether it's alone, or on a group or family trip.

Advantages of housing and investment in the countryside of Istanbul

The countryside of Istanbul is not only a tourist destination, but it is also an area for promising real estate investments, whether residential or related to the tourism sector. The best options for investing in rural real estate in Istanbul are farmland, farms, villas, large houses, hotels or hotel apartments, and restaurants in tourist areas.

Investing in the countryside of Istanbul has many advantages, including: the competitive prices of rural houses, their innovative designs that make the most of the land on which they are built, in addition to the multiple options offered by the designs of houses: some of them are one-storey, and others consist of two floors or more, and do not forget the strategic location Close to the capital, Istanbul, and the facilities that the Turkish government has begun to provide to foreign investors, and the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey.

Buying a property in the countryside of Istanbul does not mean that you choose a low-quality property, it is also designed according to the most important international standards for construction and is resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters. The real estate feature that dominates the rural areas of Istanbul is the villas and detached houses. Real estate investment in the countryside of Istanbul will be important in the coming period, and many investors from the world are turning to it. It is expected that real estate in these areas will register a significant increase in the coming days, which enhances the opportunity to gain abundant profits.

Accommodation in the countryside of Istanbul

Many are also looking for houses in the countryside of Istanbul in order to settle down, to spend a sick recovery period, or to live after retirement, because the fresh air and healthy food in the countryside are beneficial for the sick and the elderly. From the mentioned above, we find that among the advantages of owning a property in the countryside of Istanbul: calmness and independence, being away from noise and pollution, living in the middle of nature, providing a safe haven and a ready place for vacations and periods of recovery, and low prices, as the costs of living in the countryside are less than they are in City.

The new resident in the countryside of Istanbul may face some problems, including: the lack of job opportunities, owning a house in the countryside will not exempt him from owning a house in the city, and the absence of some recreational services that the property enjoys. Residential complexes in the city and the lack of Arabs in the countryside. It causes difficulty in adjusting to life there, but there are still many advantages to housing or investing in real estate in the countryside.

The most important rural areas for buying a property in Istanbul

Silivri area:

Silivri is one of the luxurious rural areas in Istanbul, and although it is rural, it does not lack any of this modernity or sophistication, and its properties are characterized by a large area, eye-catching engineering designs, and real estate system. Which is dominated by the system of villas.

What makes it one of the distinguished options for buying real estate is that it is located on the European side of Istanbul, which indicates its proximity to the most important vital and development projects in the city, such as Istanbul's new airport and the new Istanbul waterway that is being built. It should be noted that these areas have added to it a great investment importance.

Catalca Country

This area is characterized by its location near Buyukcekmece Lake, which is located in the northwest of the region. Catalca has a lot of green spaces, many horse farms, fresh air and beautiful nature. It is surrounded by many important areas and is considered one of the largest municipalities of Istanbul.

You may ask, is it suitable for real estate investment? Of course it is appropriate and distinctive. In addition to all the advantages, real estate prices are also special and cheap, Catalca is only 60 km from the center of Istanbul.

Istanbul is one of the most important and best options for real estate investment, as it includes many areas, and one of the most important reasons that made it one of the distinguished investment options is that it contains many ingredients that lead this investment towards success and excellence, but the investor may stand confused in Which options tend to favor the city or the countryside? A large number of real estate investors choose the countryside of Istanbul, but why did they choose it? Will the returns be rewarding? What about the future of real estate investment?

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