Istanbul real estate is at the fore in prices and features

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Why do foreign and Arab investors also want to invest in real estate in Turkey, rather than other countries? Why Istanbul exclusively without the other Turkish states and cities? What distinguishes it? 

Is Istanbul real estate at the fore in prices and features 

Real estate investment in Istanbul is witnessing remarkable progress and development, and thus attracts wide and different segments of investors. Istanbul real estate has many and varied features and advantages that make it the focus of various investment movements. Learn through the following words about the advantages and prices of Istanbul real estate. 

What distinguishes Istanbul real estate Turkey? 


The Turkish state of Istanbul enjoys a strategic and distinguished geographical location that gives Istanbul real estate many and wide advantages, as it extends over the two continents of Asia and Europe together, medium in its location between the countries of the Middle East and the countries of Europe.. The Bosphorus Strait separates the Asian and European fissures of Istanbul, which paints a creative natural painting! This unique location of the state of Istanbul gives Istanbul real estate a great diversity and creative sea and tourist views.

The View: 

As noted above, the strategic location of Istanbul gives its properties various views of the water bodies, the Bosphorus Strait, or the various tourist attractions in Istanbul. 


Istanbul is a tourist city with distinction, characterized by its ancient and penetration of the past and the succession of many civilizations on it.. We find within it a variety of tourist attractions between museums, palaces, castles, mosques and churches visited by tourists from different sects, in addition to the presence of many natural tourist sites such as beaches, hot springs and others… The real estate development and the various renaissance in this sector comes in response to the active tourism movement in Istanbul. We find resorts, hotels, hotel and marine apartments, houses, villas and other tourist real estate facilities.

Real estate diversification: 

The real estate market in Istanbul is witnessing a very rich real estate diversity that includes all facilities. There are various options and price and purchasing offers according to various designs that meet the desire of all customers of different types, including apartments, villas, houses, lands, shops .. with different areas, specifications and locations. 

Vital projects: 

Istanbul is witnessing the establishment of many huge vital projects that add importance and value to its residential and real estate projects in general. There is the new Istanbul Water Canal project, the new Istanbul Airport and the Third Istanbul Bridge. Istanbul real estate located near these vital projects is of great importance and under the attention of the most important international investment movements due to its prosperous investment future. 


Transportation anywhere is considered one of the most important factors of stability and speed. In Istanbul, the Turkish government seeks to enhance and develop transportation, increase its speed and cover all cities in Istanbul. Transportation, with its diversity in Istanbul, between railways, road network, sea ports, metro, the latest metrobus, buses, taxis, etc., in turn, increases the importance of Istanbul real estate and the ease of life and movement between the various cities of Istanbul.

Evolution and modernity: 

Despite the fact that city of Istanbul is ancient! However, its apartments and buildings are built according to the latest architecture systems and are designed according to the finest international decorations using the best raw materials and technologies. We do not forget that there are many apartments and houses that operate according to the latest smart systems that enable you to control and manage your home remotely with ease and dynamism. 

Obtaining citizenship by buying real estate in Istanbul: 

Turkish citizenship is an important and distinctive addition that opens a lot of closed doors to all other cities of Turkey and other countries of the world.. As a generosity from the Turkish government, and in an effort to develop and advance the real estate sector in Istanbul and the rest of the Turkish states and its awareness of the need to mobilize foreign investment energies to invest within Istanbul Turkey, it granted investors the possibility to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment and the purchase of real estate in Turkey within specific conditions and instructions.. 

Competitive Prices: 

The price! The price is one of the most important factors and specifications for attractive properties in Istanbul. Real estate prices are among the first specifications that interest the investor to inquire about at the beginning of his investment path. Various Istanbul properties are characterized by very competitive price values, especially when compared with similar properties in different European countries. Therefore, Istanbul attracts investors looking to invest with very competitive budgets. Price competition is a frank and real competition, as it guarantees you quality, value, high-end specifications and a competitive price as well.

Turkish economy: 

The solid Turkish economy is one of the most important factors that push investors to direct their eyes to Turkey. A country like Turkey has a solid and vibrant economy that will withstand the various twists and turns that may occur at the local and international levels. 

Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey: 

Istanbul is well known wherever it is mentioned in various cities of the world. Istanbul is civilization, sophistication, progress and entertainment.. Although Ankara is the official political capital of the state of Turkey, Istanbul is the economic capital that controls all sectors of the economy in the country.. such as agriculture, industry, trade, tourism and others.. Istanbul ranks first among the Turkish states in terms of population density.. 

Real estate companies in Istanbul: 

Not to mention all the ingredients and advantages that Istanbul real estate possesses.. There are honest official portals through which you can view the real estate investment market in Istanbul Turkey to make your investment way in the country and buy your dream property! Real estate companies in Istanbul help you get your property at the right price and at the right time, and real estate companies in Istanbul help you obtain Turkish citizenship by buying real estate in Istanbul

Istanbul real estate is truly at the fore in prices and features, and all the factors we mentioned are a true witness to its breasts!

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