Kartal Istanbul! Why should you buy a property in this area?

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Turkey is one of the countries that has recently flourished in the field of real estate and the world of investments, and it has become the focus of attention for many businessmen, whether they are Arabs or foreigners.

The facilities provided by the Turkish government in this field must have played a big and important role and became a strong attraction for money owners and those interested in this matter.

When you decide to buy a property, especially in Turkey, your goals must be clear and carefully considered, because the areas are very wide and the real estate world in them is huge and diverse, and the options will be many and varied.

When we talk about this, we must mention the most important areas that are distinguished by their beautiful properties and many advantages, the most prominent of which is the Kartal district in Istanbul.

Why is Kartal distinct in the real estate field from the rest of the areas?

There must be several factors that make this area distinct from the others, the most prominent of which is its distinctive geographical location, as it overlooks the coast of the Marmara Sea, and this is a reason that makes this region the focus of attention for many. The area has recently witnessed remarkable activity at all levels, most notably at the investment and real estate levels. This rapid activity and development made it the first destination and the ideal choice for most businessmen and major investors.

The volume of investments of some construction companies within the region amounted to about 6 billion dollars.

What services does the Kartal area have?

The services provided by this area are many and important, and what is more important is its location on the Asian side and its proximity to the two highways, in addition to the availability of metro stations in a good and comfortable way for all who wish to reach or exit from it. This contributes to the investor’s comfort and encourages him to invest more, and its proximity to the long beach and many of the vast and beautiful forests

This has led to an increase in the demand for everyone in all aspects, as it has achieved the most important conditions that the investor desires, including convenient transportation, beautiful tourist areas, and various distinctive properties.

What are the most prominent projects in Kartal?

There are several different projects taking place in this area:

 On the real estate front, the construction of the Justice Palace has been invested, and the construction of approximately 11,000 housing units with high specifications has finally been completed, in terms of transportation, several metro stations were built to

cover all the needs of all those who want to reach Kartal in the best possible way, the most prominent of these stations

Osmanbey Station

 Taksim station

 Sisli Station

Levent station

Kartal's investment future

We can say that the future of this region in terms of investment is inevitably bright, as all indicators indicate that, in addition to the vision that officials set about the future of this area at all levels. This is enough to motivate the investor to take these steps at a safe pace and with sure profits, As Kartal is one of the richest and most prestigious areas in the capital, and this is the main reason for investors to go there, including the profits and gains that may be enormous for them, Where the demand for it is increasing, the returns will be double for investors.

Prices in the Kartal area between ownership or rent?

As we mentioned earlier, certainly, the prices in such an area are not low, they are competitive and thoughtful, and the prices vary according to your options. There is a great diversity of real estate and apartments between commercial and residential and apartments for individuals or larger apartments for families, you will find yourself in front of many options and prices that can start from three hundred thousand US dollars to three million dollars, and it is certain that each price has its own properties and differences. There are simple contemporary apartments and there are luxury apartments, In the case of rent, the apartment rent ranges from two thousand five hundred dollars to three thousand five hundred dollars per apartment, it is worth noting that prices in general are not fixed. The matter is related to the real estate market and the strong competition in it. weekly or monthly price bulletins may be imposed according to market strength and demand, It is imperative that large projects and high-cost towers may impose high numbers on the owner or investor to compensate for his costs.

In the end, we find that the Kartal district in Istanbul is one of the most important and best options that the investor can make permanently because of the advantages, facilities, and offers that this region provides that may attract the most important investors to it from all over the world.

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