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The importance of Istanbul real estate:

Istanbul is one of the most important real estate destinations, not only when it comes to real estate in Turkey, but also real estate in general, thanks to the advantages that Istanbul and Istanbul real estate enjoy, making it a preferred place by foreign and local investors who want to buy a property in Turkey, and Istanbul real estate is very distinguished, whether in terms of the specifications it enjoys or in terms of the diversity of its forms and types, and it is necessary to know Istanbul real estate more accurately so that you can make the appropriate decision when buying a property in Turkey


Types of Istanbul real estate:

What attracts all this large number of investors towards choosing Istanbul real estate is its great diversity and the fact that this huge city is able and certainly to fulfill their desire when it comes to buying a property in Turkey, whatever type of property this is. Because it includes various types and forms of real estate in Turkey thanks to the large area that it enjoys and the advantages and ingredients that make it one of the most important Turkish cities, if not the most important among them.

* Istanbul residential real estate:

When we start talking about Istanbul real estate and its types, we must start talking about residential real estate, because it is one of the most sought after real estate in Istanbul. The reason for this is due to the presence of a large number of residents in Istanbul, as it is considered the most populous city in Turkey In addition, there are thousands of arrivals to Istanbul throughout the year between tourists and visitors, and these tourists are looking for a place to stay and live during their visit to the city, and between investors and others who want to stay and live in Turkey, students and others Which makes Istanbul residential real estate very important and in high demand, and these residential real estate in Istanbul are no different from other real estate in Turkey when it comes to the great diversity of their types. By searching in Istanbul real estate, you will be able to get an excellent opportunity from In order to buy an apartment in Istanbul, apartments in Istanbul are one of the most popular residential properties, and you can find what suits you by searching correctly. There are many options available to you, starting with cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, all the way to apartments You can also buy a house in Istanbul. Istanbul residential real estate includes luxury properties in Istanbul such as villas for sale in Istanbul, which is one of the most preferred properties by foreign investors, especially capital owners and large Businessmen. There are also luxurious palaces and hotel apartments in Turkey. Of course, we cannot forget to mention the name of smart apartments in Turkey, which is a qualitative leap in the real estate world in Turkey.

* Istanbul Commercial Real Estate:

Commercial real estate is one of the best investment decisions when it comes to buying real estate in Istanbul, because investment opportunities and benefit from this type of Istanbul real estate is at its peak, as the city is full of investment opportunities, and it can be said that buying Istanbul real estate is of a commercial type It is considered a guaranteed method in order to achieve financial returns and investment profits and includes many real estate such as shops, as well as commercial offices, warehouses and others. The name of a commercial property is given to every property bearing the status of a commercial property in the real estate registry, which can be used in investment and Opening projects such as opening a company or a small project or opening restaurants, hotels, shops, markets, malls, and others.

And the city of Istanbul is full of commercial real estate, because it is considered the economic capital of the country and the most important and largest commercial center, and not only for Turkey, but for the region as a whole, because it includes many strategic trade routes, whether it is related to sea, land or even air trade.

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