Learn about Jordanian investments in the real estate sector in Turkey

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Turkey has become an important investment destination in the world and has been able to attract the attention of Arab and foreign investors to take a place for all their business after the great success that Turkey has achieved in all areas of life, starting with tourism in Turkey, leading to the economy, education and health.

Certainly, Arab investments in Turkey had an abundant share, as a large number of Arab investors went to it and made an important number of investments, especially in the field of real estate investment in Turkey, where a large number of properties were purchased for various Arab nationalities, including Jordanians.

* Real estate investment in Turkey by Jordanians, what is the main objective of buying real estate?

There are many reasons that prompted Jordanians to buy property in Turkey, and perhaps the most important of them is the tendency of a large number of Jordanian students to pursue their studies in Turkish universities.

There are also many Jordanians who go to Turkey to work within Turkish companies or by establishing their own business and opening new branches outside their country.

Jordanians often go to buy property in Turkey for housing, where they can use these houses for stability and housing, or even for vacations with the intention of tourism.

Also, a large number of Jordanians are buying a property in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey.

* What is the reason that encourages Jordanians to buy property in Turkey only?

There must be a lot of things that encourage Jordanians to invest in real estate in Turkey, and one of the most important of these reasons is to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars or more, as it is a golden opportunity for the investor to enjoy the advantages of Turkish citizenship and the Turkish passport and Which gives its owner the right to enter a large number of countries without a visa.

Moreover, Turkey is close to Jordan, and travel to it is easy, unlike European countries, in addition to the good economic relations between the two countries.

Real estate prices in Turkey are considered low compared to neighboring European countries in view of their specifications. You can buy property in Istanbul with a great location with a beautiful view and reasonable space at a reasonable price, and this is what you cannot find in any other European city.

In addition, the nature and customs of the Turkish people are close to those of the Arabs and their atmosphere, which makes the stay in Turkey enjoyable.

We must mention that the costs of living and accommodation in Turkey are considered appropriate and low, as there are many options available to suit all social classes.

* What are the returns and profits that Jordanians can get in return when buying a property in Turkey?

It is known that the real estate market in Turkey is enjoying a continuous movement, and real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most successful types of investment and is considered the safest, as it is possible to achieve abundant profits through it, which made Jordanians prefer this type of investment. And there are several ways to earn profits and returns, as some of them buy property in Turkey and then rent it to foreigners and tourists , and The property is usually in a strategic location close to the city center and historical sites, which achieves high profits during the tourism season, especially during Summer and spring, but this does not mean that tourism does not activate the rest of the seasons.

Some Jordanians go to commercial real estate where they can rent it or use it to open all kinds of shops, restaurants, or even offices and corporate headquarters.

Some certainly buy property in Turkey and then wait for a period of time and then resell it after its price has clearly increased, which makes a good profit.

Perhaps the best thing that Jordanians can benefit from when buying property in Turkey is to use it in order to obtain Turkish citizenship and later they can reside there and bring their families to settle on Turkish lands.

Steps for buying a property in Turkey by Jordanians:

-The buyer's coming to Turkey to sign the property purchase contract, and he can also send his representative holding an official agency

-Extracting the tax number from the Tax Department in Istanbul, which is a number granted to every foreigner in Turkey, to facilitate the official transactions that he can carry out.

-Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank to transfer the amount of money from the country of the resident to the Turkish bank.

-A copy of the buyer's passport translated into Turkish, certified by the notary, and the cost is about 100 Turkish liras

-The seller and the buyer went to the Land Registry “Tabu”, so that the seller relinquishes the property in favor of the buyer, where the latter receives the title deed and the key to the property

-Jordanians have increased their demand for real estate ownership in Turkey for several reasons:

-Ease of travel to Turkey, and ease of residency procedures

-Good relations between the two countries on all economic, social and political levels

-Jordanians desire to obtain real estate residence in Turkey

-Jordanians' desire for real estate investment

-The desire of many Jordanian businessmen to obtain Turkish citizenship to obtain better privileges in Turkey and European countries.

-And considering that Jordanians in Turkey are interested in work and study as the main reasons for their presence on Turkish lands and push them to reside in Turkey and buy real estate in it, the Jordanian community is mainly present in Istanbul and Ankara.

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