Learn about the advantages of buying apartments in installments in Istanbul

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When talking about the most beautiful and most important cities in the world, we can only mention the city of Istanbul, which is characterized by a long history and a distinctive mixture of originality and modernity that makes it unique from other cities, and this is what attracts tourists and investors to it from all over the world to invest in Istanbul and Searching for job opportunities or following up their educational attainment.

Certainly, these characteristics of the city have been positively reflected on the real estate sector in particular, and many investors and businessmen are directed to buy property in Istanbul for housing and stability, but not everyone can buy Istanbul real estate, and therefore the search for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul is increasing and one of the common ways to achieve this is by buying apartments in installments in Istanbul.. What are its advantages ? This is what we will learn next.

Getting an apartment in Istanbul without owning the price:

One of the most important features offered by the apartments offered in installments is the possibility of buying property in Istanbul without owning the full price, as it is known that the price of the property in Istanbul in this way is paid in successive payments, and of course at the beginning a certain amount of money is paid as a down payment and later The rest of the payments are paid in installments per month according to certain amounts to be agreed upon between the two parties, and this greatly facilitated the matter of owning an apartment in Istanbul and helped reduce the financial members for individuals.

Saving the time needed to buy a property in Istanbul:

The prices of real estate in Istanbul require that a person save a lot of money in order to own it, especially if it is located in well-known and important areas in terms of real estate investment. Of course, this money will need a great time and effort that may reach years, but there is no need to worry as The solution exists, and it is simply to buy an apartment in installments in Istanbul, so that you will be able to own a property in Turkey within Istanbul in a short time without having to wait for a long time.

Offers by real estate companies for the purchase of apartments in installments:

One of the advantages that the apartments offered for installment in Istanbul have is that there are often special offers and discounts on them by real estate companies in Istanbul, so you can get a profitable deal when buying property, just as when you pay a large amount of money as a down payment for the purchase of the apartment If you pay more than half the price, there are a lot of discounts and offers offered by the real estate company, such as reducing the price or even offers when you buy more than one property together, and with this we find that there are many attractive factors for buying apartments in Istanbul in installments.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in installments in Istanbul:

As it is known, a foreign investor can obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey by buying property in Turkey with a price of at least 250 thousand dollars and not selling this property for at least three years. In the past, it was not possible Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in installments in Istanbul, but according to the new amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law issued in 2018, this has become possible as a person can buy a property in installments and submit an application for Turkish citizenship, but provided that the payment is The first that the investor paid from the price of the property is equal to at least 250 thousand dollars, and this is what is considered a special deal and opportunity for those who want to buy luxury real estate in Istanbul, such as hotels, restaurants and other real estate for the purpose of real estate investment in Istanbul.

Thus, we find that buying an apartment in Istanbul in installments carries many advantages and benefits, so there is no need to hesitate, but on the contrary, he hastened to own a dream apartment in Istanbul.

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