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Feb 5, 2023

Turkey Real Estate: Learn about the Advantages of Smart Apartments

Smart apartments are a type of Turkey real estate in which modern technologies are used in order to reflect the great influence and impact that modern technologies have come to occupy in our life. 

Smart apartments in Turkey are completely automated, as they are designed to rely entirely on technology in everything related to the apartment’s facilities, meaning that by choosing smart apartments in Turkey, you will get an exclusive opportunity to control everything or section in your apartment just with the push of a button, and when we say everything, we mean it, including the degree of lighting, the operation of the water taps in the apartment, and the operation and closing of appliances in the house, whether electronic or electrical, from flat screens, cooling air conditioners, and even all the way to the doors of the rooms in the apartment. The matter extends to closing and opening curtains, windows, and kitchen utensils, and controlling the temperature of the apartment all at the same time or adjust the temperature of each room individually according to what suits you.

It does not end here, as smart apartments in Turkey real estate also include a special information network. This integrated network works to alert the residents of the apartment and thus protect them from exposure to diseases and from the risk of power outages in the apartment. 

It also works to provide the best work environment for services. Home is like automatically activating the closing of the apartment's windows when the air conditioning and refrigeration devices start working. In short, smart apartments in Turkey work to serve you as if they were a hotel specialized in meeting all your needs, even without you saying them or requesting them to be implemented, but just thinking about them.

Advantages of living in smart apartments in Turkey:

Smart apartments in Turkey provide a lot of very special services that are exclusively available to them and are missed in the rest of the regular types of Turkey real estate. Among the most important advantages of living within smart apartments in Turkey are the following:

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Automatic control of all parts of the apartments:

First, the most important feature that makes smart apartments in Turkey very attractive, unlike other types of Turkey real estate, is that they are completely automatic, as it allows the possibility of opening the apartment doors by relying on a special card or a pre-entry fingerprint to the control system of the apartment, that is, it is entered into any network database apartment information In addition, it allows the owner to control all the devices in the apartment and also from a distance, such as refrigeration and air conditioning electronically from outside the house, and smart apartments in Turkey are provided with lighting that works on sensors, that is, the lights are turned on in the room or various parts of the apartment When entering it automatically, it also includes speakers and is found in all rooms.

Absolute security provided by smart apartments:

Smart apartments in Turkey are provided with cameras for monitoring within the children’s rooms and all the remaining rooms, while providing the house with heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the apartment. These services are secured to the fullest and in the most economical way possible so that energy consumption is saved to the maximum extent possible. Paying great attention to the safety aspect of smart apartments in Turkey, as the doors close automatically and windows are opened and closed at night and day. Smart apartments in Turkey give another advantage to the owner by providing the feature of remote control via SMS, as the owner sends a text message to the apartment’s information network, which in turn sends a text alert to the owner when it notices any defect or malfunction, such as the presence of spoiled food in the apartment refrigerator or the presence of any security breach or an attempt to enter without prior registration.

Financial details related to purchasing smart apartments in Turkey:

Title deed fees (Tapu):

In Turkey, the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastral Survey implements title deed transfer procedures when purchasing Turkey real estate. Both buyer and seller must be present unless either party makes power of attorney to someone.

The property transfer tax, which is 4% or 1% of the declared value of the properties, is paid in the Title Deeds Department, as the transfer tax. There are also many minor costs and taxes in this regard, which are as follows:

  • Translation of the passport at the Notary Public. 
  • Translation of the address document at the notary public.
  • To open a bank account.
  • A sworn translator.
  • An official power of attorney (if present).
  • Obtaining the tax number.
  • Photos.
  • Land registry tax.
  • In addition, the Land Registry Administration and the Land Registry Directorate charge a service fee - which is paid only once and its value is about 150 dollar.

Property tax

Property tax, after purchasing Turkey real estate, is paid every year and is 0.2% in urban municipalities and 0.1% in non-urban areas. The tax rate on commercial properties is 0.4% in urban areas and 0.2% in non-urban areas.

These taxes are used by the government to improve water and sewerage, and provide security personnel, fire services, and other necessary needs that the government deems necessary in the country. We can say, after mentioning these taxes on Turkey real estate, that they are nothing compared to taxes in Canada, America, Europe, or even the Gulf countries.

Property and earthquake insurance:

Earthquake insurance (DASK) is a mandatory insurance when purchasing Turkey real estate and is calculated on a square meter basis. Risks that may arise from fire, explosion, tsunami, or landslides during and after an earthquake are subject to seismic insurance. Fees range from 150 TL to 250 TL (depending on the square meter).

Turkey real estate insurance provides protection against most property risks, such as fire, theft, and some weather damage. This includes specialized forms of insurance such as fire insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, and home insurance. Property insurance provides financial reimbursement to the property owner in such cases.

Obtaining electricity and water subscriptions

Electricity and water subscription fees for Turkey real estate vary from one province to another.

Electricity subscription fees:

When you sign up for the first time, you will pay between 200 TL and 8,500 TL for electricity subscription and additional deposit fees when purchasing or moving into a Turkey real estate. The transfer fee is as much as the deposit amount. It should be noted that this amount is refundable.

Water subscription fees:

When you subscribe for the first time, you must pay 775 Turkish Liras for the subscription fee and an additional deposit fee. The first-time water subscription fee is also refundable. The transfer fee is as much as the deposit amount plus the DASK if it expires.

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