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The location of Zakariakoy district in Istanbul, Turkey:

Zakariakoy area is one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul, and therefore it can be predicted that it is located in the European section of the city, specifically close to the famous Bosphorus Strait, which separates the two parts of Istanbul. Zakariakoy area follows Sariyer and to Next to the charming forests of Belgrade, and the Zakaria Koy area is located approximately six kilometers from the Bosphorus Strait and eight kilometers from the Black Sea and near the Sultan Selim I Bridge or the so-called third bridge that connects the outskirts of the European city of Istanbul from it and Asian and therefore it is considered close to the vital center of Istanbul.


Features of Zakariakoy district in Istanbul, Turkey:

Zakariakoy area is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Istanbul, because it has a picturesque rural nature, which is represented by the charm and beauty of green nature and blends side by side with modern and elegant buildings. Zakariakoy area is characterized by having a developed infrastructure, which makes it unique and It is very distinct from the rest of Istanbul, with a special touch and a distinctive luster, and this also applies to the real estate in the region, as the demand for the real estate market in it is very high, due to the combination of many advantages that give it a great priority when choosing Istanbul real estate by investors for what It is famous for its good reputation and being known as one of the most beautiful areas that provide luxury Istanbul real estate.


Zakariakoy district in Istanbul is a distinguished center for obtaining luxury Istanbul real estate:

The Zakariakoy area, which belongs to the Sariyer area, is classified administratively as one of the most important areas in Istanbul, especially when it comes to the rise in real estate prices in Istanbul. Zakariakoy real estate is witnessing a noticeable and gradual increase in its prices, and the reason for this is that real estate Which is located within the Zakariakoy area, has a meeting of two very unique features at the same time, which are the strategic location and calm and tranquility together, as the Zakariakoy area is located in the heart of Istanbul and is classified as one of the areas that follow the city center and not the parties and is usually known About that Istanbul is the city that never sleeps and witnesses great crowding and hustle, especially in the city center, which is the beating heart of it and the most vibrant,

and although the Zakaria Koy area belongs to the city of Istanbul, it nevertheless enjoys an amazing atmosphere of Tranquil serenity and serenity and works to give its residents and residents a unique opportunity to experience living in the lap of green and picturesque nature, as you can find in Zakariakoy area a vivid example of the intertwining of the brilliant blue sea with green forests, and you can imagine For the amount of charm and beauty that this kind of combination provides, and Zakariakoy area is considered one of the best areas to search for luxury Istanbul real estate, as it is full of villas in Istanbul, which are in the form of independent villas with charming private gardens, which explains the reason for the high prices Real estate in Istanbul, which is located within the Zakariakoy area, as the prices of villas in it are very high and are considered the preserve of capital owners and senior businessmen. In short, it is a residential gathering for the velvet and high-end class in Istanbul, and the matter applies to all types of real estate in it and not Only when buying, as the rental prices are also high compared to many other areas in Istanbul, but it can be said that this is self-evident and commensurate with the luxurious and important position of this area in Istanbul and because it is famous as Istanbul's luxury real estate area Most preferred by the elite and the wealthy.

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