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When we talk about beauty, creativity and tradition, we can only mention the city of Istanbul, which is famous for its ancient history and modern present, as it is one of the few cities that has been able to joke between originality and modernity to form, of course, its own miscellaneous that cannot be found in any other city.

As a result of this great privacy of the city of Istanbul, tourism has become an integral part of it, and tourists and visitors flock to it from all sides to enjoy its picturesque views. Perhaps the most captivating things for the tourist in Istanbul are the large markets, which are widely spread in the city and enjoy It has many features that we will talk about in this article..

The Egyptian market:

This market is considered the second largest market in the city of Istanbul after the Grand Bazaar. The Egyptian market is located within the Eminonu area within the European section of Istanbul. As for the reason for calling this name, this is due to the fact that spices and goods coming from India were transferred to Egypt before they were made. He moved it to Turkey, and the Egyptian market is known by other names such as the Spice Market or the Attarin Market, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious markets in Istanbul.

The Egyptian market is famous for selling spices, which you will not find anywhere else, as you will smell their smell as soon as you enter the market, and there are also many traditional products from food, drink and clothing, within a group of sprawling shops on the outskirts, which number up to 140 stores The market has 6 entrances, while the main entrance is located in front of the new mosque.

Copper market:

The beekeepers market is located in the Beyazit district, close to the Sultanahmet district. It is considered one of the most famous markets in the city and is characterized by its very cheap prices.

And as its name suggests, it is famous for selling beekeeper pots and tools that are made by hand, and this is what attracts a large number of tourists who are interested in handicrafts to take as souvenirs to family and friends, and it is not limited to copper tools, but there are an important number of shops selling tools And golden and silver backgrounds and other traditional pieces.

And spread within the market also shops selling clothes known for their cheap prices and suitable for the whole family.

Arasta Market:

This market is located within the Sultanahmet area, directly behind the Sultan Mosque, and it is one of the famous markets for selling hand-made products. In the past, the market was dedicated to selling soldiers’ clothes and tools. In our time, shops have spread within it for the sale of various handmade products and textiles, in addition to antiques. Turkish carpets and special gifts.

Istiklal Street :

This street is considered one of the most famous commercial streets in the city, and visitors and tourists flock to it from everywhere, as it is spread on both sides of the famous shops, which belong to the best Turkish and international brands, in addition to the spread of restaurants and cafes in it, and this causes severe crowding, especially in The tourism season and the prices are high, but this is due, of course, to the fact that it is one of the best and most famous brands.

Book market:

We move to talk about a different type of market, which is the book market, which dates back to the fifteenth era and is located between the Great Market and the Beyazid Mosque. It was dedicated to buying various books as it was frequented by writers and intellectuals, but later its importance declined due to the spread and opening of markets It is new, but to this day it is still used to buy school supplies and stationery, in addition to the most important Turkish and international books and novels.

Nisantasi Street:

It is one of the most prestigious streets, which is visited by a large number of celebrities for shopping and buying necessities. It contains a large number of shops and malls that display the most luxurious brands of clothes, shoes, jewelry and cosmetics. It also contains restaurants and gardens for a break from shopping and enjoyment. With beautiful scenery.

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