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Feb 5, 2023

Learn About the Most Famous Turkish Food

There are many Turkish food and sweets, some of which are famous only within Turkey and others spread to Arab countries and Europe. Turkish cuisine has been influenced by its neighboring countries. It is possible to smell the food of Syria, Greece, Iran and Morocco in Turkish cuisine.

Whoever resides in Turkey or wants to buy property in Istanbul, Yalova, Bursa or Trabzon, or buy property in Turkey in general, or even those who want tourism and recreation, must taste Turkish food while in Turkey. In this article, we show you some simple information about Turkish cuisine and the Turkish food, appetizers and sweets it contains. These dishes are also characterized by the simplicity of their preparation, and their low price, as they are suitable for all segments of society who have gathered for their pleasure.

Kofta “Che Kofta”:

There are 291 different types of kofta in different regions of Turkey! It was the beginning of the appearance of the kofta in the city of Urfa, where they kneaded meat with bulgur and hot red pepper. Kofta is considered one of the most popular dishes spread over the regions of Turkey, and its price, which does not exceed ten Turkish lira per dish, is suitable for all segments of society.

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Iskander Kebab:

It is famous in the Turkish north, especially in the Turkish city of Bursa, and its name goes back to Alexander II, who resided in Turkey in the nineteenth century, and it has become a legacy inherited by Alexander's descendants in Bursa. It consists of slices of meat and tomato sauce placed on top of pieces of bread, and a little milk and slices of tomatoes and green peppers are added to this dish, and hot butter is poured on the dish as desired while you are sitting at the dining table, and its price ranges between 15-30 Turkish lira.


It is a Balkan or Turkish-Asian dish in the first place. It is famous in Turkey, Albania, Greece and Armenia, and all these countries call it by this name with a slight difference in the letters. This meal consists of the intestines of goats or sheep, cleaned well with water and soaked with lemon, vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper and olive oil, and after several hours of soaking, it is wrapped on a skewer like a shawarma skewer, and grilled over a low heat over coals, and served as a sandwich with salad.


Simit is attributed to the days of the Ottoman Empire in the fourteenth century, and is also popular in Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia. The simit is one of the most famous Turkish meals for breakfast. It is a sesame cake of many and varied sizes, and it is sold in bakeries and kiosks in the streets of Istanbul. It is usually served with Turkish tea, and is considered one of the morning meals preferred by tourists

The shape of the simit differs in different Turkish cities. And according to some statistics, he consumes 2.5 million pieces of poison every day. Simit attracts all classes of Turkish people for its wonderful taste, and its low price, as the price of a piece of simit ranges from 10-12 Turkish lira in most parts of Turkey.

Doner or Turkish Shawarma:

The history of this dish dates back to the eighteenth century of the Ottoman Empire, when it took a horizontal shape during grilling, especially in the city of Ard Rum.

The döner consists of a skewer of red meat, or chicken, whose weight at the beginning of the day can reach more than 50 kilograms. This meal can be served in the form of a sandwich, or on a plate filled with rice and salad, and the price of the sandwich or the doner dish ranges between 30-40 Turkish lira, depending on the restaurant, the city, and the type of meat served.


The history of Borek pies goes back to the kitchens of the Ottoman Empire, and it is said that it dates back to ancient Roman times. Borek pies are spread in Turkey, the Levant, the Balkans, North African countries, Armenia, Italy and many other countries. Borek pies are baked pastries that can be stuffed with cheese, meat, potatoes and spinach, and are usually served with a cup of fermented Turkish tea. The price per kilogram varies between 20-50 Turkish liras, depending on the different filling inside.

 Meat with dough "Lahma John":

It is meat inside a dough, one of the most important oriental meals coming from the Levant and then moved to Italy, it is a dough with meat, onions and chopped red pepper, it is baked in the oven and then sprinkled with parsley, spices, Turkish spices and lemon juice Served hot with Turkish ayran yogurt drink

Baklava “Baclava”:

The first thing that comes to mind when we mention Turkey is baklava. Turks are known to love sweets and baklava is the best example of this. Where chopped nuts are spread between the layers of filo yufka, watered with butter, baked and sweetened with syrup or honey.


Turkey is also famous for lokum, which has spread all over the world. It is a kind of sweet made from rose water, starch and delicious nuts. It is usually considered one of the beautiful gifts that you can take home as a souvenir from Turkey.

When you visit Turkey, do not forget to enjoy the delicious food and sweets that characterize the country, and we have tried to briefly mention some of them, which are considered the most famous among tourists.

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