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Many people want to buy property in Turkey due to the many advantages that Turkey enjoys without other countries , in addition to the facilities and tax cuts approved by the Turkish government towards foreign investors , and we do not forget the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment .

But how can I judge the property as good or not? And what are the specifications that make the property in Turkey ideal? This is what we will learn next.

The location of the property in Turkey:

One of the most factors that affect real estate in Turkey and play a role in determining its importance is the location of the property. The ideal day is the one that has the best location within the city, as there are many areas known for their investment importance and distinguished services, and of course, the presence of real estate in such areas will increase From its price and its importance.

For example, within the city of Istanbul, real estate located in Basaksehir, Buyukcekmece, Sariyer has great importance because of its strategic location.

View of the property in Turkey:

When looking for a property for sale in Turkey, pay attention to the view it enjoys, as the ideal property is the one that has a beautiful view, as the view greatly affects the prices of real estate in Turkey, and the best views are for apartments with sea views, followed by apartments overlooking the forests And the green gardens, which are quiet and away from the noise, while the apartments overlooking the crowded streets are the least preferred due to the large crowds and polluted air.

Proximity to public transportation:

In order for the property in Turkey to be ideal, it must be close to the means and transportation lines in the city, and the means of transportation in Turkey vary between land, sea and air, from buses, subways, dolmuses, boats, taxis and planes, and of course the proximity to Transportation links mean an easier life as you don't need to walk long distances or worry about getting to your place of work or study.

Proximity to service centers:

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey , you must make sure that its area contains major service centers , we mean schools , universities , health centers in addition to markets , municipal centers and others , because this means less transportation and lower costs .

Proximity to recreational and tourist centers:

What gives investment importance to real estate in Turkey is that it is close to the tourist sites, as it is known that tourism in Turkey plays a major role in supporting the country’s economy and a large number of tourists flock to Turkey annually, so those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey must choose The location of the property near the tourist centers to achieve quick and abundant profits. Residential real estate or commercial real estate can be used as well as stores, restaurants and malls.

Internal property specifications:

The ideal specifications regarding the property vary from the inside according to the purpose of this property and according to the taste of the person as well, but there are some fixed points as the quality of building materials will greatly affect the property, in addition to the type of paint, the quality of finishes, the way the house is divided, and the quality of tiles, Also, a large area is usually desirable without mentioning the importance of having additional facilities such as an elevator, car garage and an external garden, as all these details will increase the value of the property.

And here it is necessary to use gasoline, that it is necessary to buy what suits you and what you need, which is not necessarily the best. Therefore, the first step in buying a property in Turkey is to determine the goal of this property and the field that you can pay and Then the search journey begins in an organized manner and you will surely find your goal in the end!

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