Learn about Venice Mall in Istanbul

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 Learn about Venice Mall in Istanbul.

Venice Mall in Istanbul is one of the most important malls that embodies the Italian city of Venice with all its details and landmarks, from ancient streets and areas and so on…

When you wander around the Venice Mall, you will feel as if you are really in Venice. You can see the water channels and the shops, as there are many bridges that help you navigate between the parts of the malls with their creative, unique and lively design!

Venice Mall is an important and attractive tourist attraction frequented by many senior tourists from all over the world... Learn about Venice Mall in Istanbul in the following article!

About Venice Mall in Istanbul!

Venice Mall is one of the most important and prominent facilities and designs that attract tourists from all sides to shopping and enjoying a wonderful atmosphere of sophistication, luxury and fun!

Venice Mall achieves many visits by tourists, locals and all those settled in Turkey, and today Venice Mall is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Turkey at the present time!

The presence of bridges over the water channels between the various shops and corners in Istanbul Venice Mall constitutes excellent points for the arrivals to stop, take memorial photos and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

In addition, there are many boats that travel in the waterways and take tourists on a short water tour!

In the center of Venice Mall there is an ancient area and around it there is a tower within a unique view of the canals and waterways this tower imitates with its design and shape, the Italian Saint Mark Tower, and on its sides there are cafes, restaurants, snacks, and so on…

Venice Mall includes an underground floor designed beautifully and exquisitely, and there is a ceiling designed in the form of a three-dimensional painting that includes clouds to mimic the virgin nature!

Do you know the location of Venice Mall in Istanbul?

The Venice Mall in Istanbul is located within the Gaziosmanpasa district, on the European side, specifically in Istanbul!

You can take the metro to go to Venice Mall in Istanbul by taking a tram from the Tubakapi station near Taksim Square, passing through Sultanahmet and then to Kabatas Venice!

Can you get to Venice Mall from Taksim Square?

Of course you can! By taking a tram from Kabatas station near Taksim Square, passing Sultanahmet and getting off at Kabataz Venice station!

And Venice Mall of Istanbul is located only 20 kilometers far from the center of Taksim Square, which is equivalent to only a third of an hour by car on average, depending on the timie and crowding!

Learn about the shopping activity within the Istanbul Venice Mall!

There are many shops that you can visit and shop in within Venice Mall of Istanbul. Within the basement of the mall there are many shops that are full of goods and products required by tourists and residents. There is also a section for electrical and electronic games and games for children and there are games Suitable for all ages and the snacks are distributed in different areas of the mall..

Venice Mall is one of the prominent tourist, entertainment and settlement facilities in Istanbul... Never miss a visit!

You can enjoy the activity of shopping within the shops and the distinctive places in the mall, and you can find within Istanbul Venice Mall various goods that you require from foodstuffs, clothes, toys, stationery, household utensils and so on...

Residential apartments in Venice Mall Istanbul.

Within Venice Mall, there are many apartments, which may exceed two thousand apartments! Which is characterized by different and beautiful views and a variety of spaces, as there are several commercial offices and a four-star hotel, so Venice Mall is an integrated real estate project!

Learn about the advantages of Venice Mall in Istanbul, Turkey:

We gather for you, among the following items, the most important advantages and characteristics of the Venice Mall in Istanbul:

This mall has a great location in Istanbul, the European side, within Gaziosmanpaşa!

With its design and various details, this mall mimics the city of Venice in Italy!

The Venice Mall is one of the most important mega real estate projects established within the urban re-urbanization and development plan in Istanbul, Turkey!

It is easy to reach Venice Mall from all over Istanbul and the different Turkish states!

The Venice Mall is located close to Ataturk Airport and Istanbul city center.

Within the mall there are 5 residential towers of varying sizes and views!

In Venice Mall, you can find all the service and vital facilities that you require from cafeterias, rest houses, restaurants, cafes, sports centers or ..

In short, Venice Mall is one of the most important and prominent tourist attractions in Istanbul and one of the prominent and distinguished tourism and real estate projects in Istanbul, which continues to develop and attract tourists and investors from all over the world!

Do not miss the opportunity of tourism in Istanbul and visit the Venice Mall for entertainment and investment!

Learn about the most famous malls in Istanbul

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