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Feb 5, 2023

Learn the Terminology of the Turkish Real Estate Market

The number of investors wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey is increasing every day, and the number of those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey is increasing significantly, and this is what entails that a person is familiar with the real estate market in Turkey and is familiar with its terminology, so we will mention the most important terms that must be known when Looking for apartments for sale in Turkey..

Customer or Buyer:

It is a person who wants to buy property in Turkey, and of course, the buying and selling process is not completed until his presence is one of the basic elements to complete the process, and the customer should have enough money to buy the property and be approved and satisfied with the purchase of the house and be Belonging to one of the nationalities allowed to own real estate in Turkey.

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The owner of real estate :

It is the person who offers his property for sale, and certainly it is also considered one of the essential elements to complete the process of selling the property in Turkey, and he must be satisfied with the sale process, and it is he who determines the price that suits him, and as a result of the sale process, the ownership of the property is transferred from the seller to the customer .

Real Estate Investment :

Real estate investment in Turkey is the process by which Turkey's real estate is used to make a profit. Of course, there are different forms of real estate investment. The property can be rented, resold at a higher price, or commercial real estate is invested in Turkey to sell products. And many more.

Real estate agent:

The real estate agent is the person who has a power of attorney from the owner of the property in order to offer the property for sale and contribute to selling it at the best price and marketing it well, and it can also be entrusted by the customer or the buyer to find him the best property for the specifications that He wants it and the price he can pay.

Usually, the real estate agent has done many workshops and acquired many skills so that he can do his work optimally. It is necessary to have full knowledge of the Turkish real estate market and be able to study it and determine the optimal time to buy and sell the property.

Real Estate Marketing :

This process is considered one of the most important processes in buying and selling real estate in Turkey, through which the search for the best way to market the property is to highlight its strengths and to search for the most suitable property for the customer among many options. Real estate marketing companies are working on finding ways to win the customer and continue Dealing with it and therefore provides a lot of various services and consultancy to clients.

Real estate consultant:

The real estate consultant is usually found within real estate companies in Turkey and performs many tasks where the client turns to him to take his advice regarding the property he wants to buy and studies this property and determines its pros and cons and whether it serves the purpose of buying it.

Real estate developer:

It is the person or company that is contracted by the project in order to develop this property or improve it and restore its deficiency or work to find ways to benefit from it as an investment. The real estate developer is mainly concerned with the economic aspect and does what he can to ensure the achievement of profits and Earn money for the project.

Property Management :

It is one of the services provided by real estate companies in Turkey, as businessmen and investors who own a large number of apartments in Turkey cannot take care of all of them, and here comes the role of real estate companies that manage these properties, and this means that you take care of everything he needs The property includes improvements, restoration and repair of damages, in addition to paying attention to its own bills of electricity, water and others, and you can also rent it according to the agreement, and all this for a certain amount to be agreed upon with the customer.


It is a sum of money paid monthly by the individual who purchased an apartment in Turkey within a residential complex, and this amount is provided in exchange for the many services carried out by the management of the complex from attention to cleanliness to maintenance work, providing protection and attention to the recreational facilities of the complex and others .

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