Luxury real estates to buy in Turkey 2021-2022

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• Turkey's location increases the importance of real estate

 If you want to buy a beautiful luxury property or apartment overlooking the sea to enjoy the sunshine, or you want to buy and own a property or invest in real estate in a distinguished and prosperous country, you must take a look at Turkey's luxury real estate, because buying property in Turkey is a gain in itself. Turkey's strategic location and being the link between Asia and Europe made it a major destination for many rich businessmen and investors.

Turkey has many beautiful and distinctive areas, which makes the options confusing and diverse and makes the buyer in a state of confusion due to the large number of options in choosing the appropriate apartment location. There is the lively city of Istanbul, its lively entertainment and its charming natural places, and there is the coastal city of Antalya with its vibrant tourist beaches, and there is the city of Alanya with its warm sun, many beaches and green forests.

 But for such options, we find that there is a special category of Turkey real estate with prices that suit special categories of investors, in particular large businessmen and owners of large capitals, because the prices of luxury Turkish real estate are significantly higher compared to the prices of other types of Real estate in Turkey, but this comes in return because of the advantages and components that these luxury real estate have. Despite their high price, luxury real estate in Turkey is one of the most sought after types of real estate in Turkey and is very popular and popular.

• Luxury Istanbul real estate

Successful investment or optimal residence may be realized in the idea of ​​searching for a property for sale in Turkey in the city of Istanbul, for example, on the European or Asian side of it and owning it or investing in it, and studies indicate that choosing Istanbul is the choice. In addition to the distinctive and strategic location of the city between the continents of Europe and Asia. And the development plans and projects that are being held in it, not to mention the luxurious and diverse real estate in the diversity of its areas. Istanbul is large and its areas are vast, so the luxury properties in it are many and varied.

 Here we refer to the most expensive luxury residential properties in Istanbul:


• Real estate in Turkey and its types

Residential real estate:

-Ordinary apartments: They are in ordinary neighborhoods in Turkey, as they are only connected to the building in which they are located. Most residential buildings in Turkey are developed and modern, where there are mainly electric doors and surveillance cameras, and these things do not exist in ordinary apartments.

- Ordinary villas: They are houses with a large area surrounded by a fence and green space. Villas are located in Turkey in many areas and neighborhoods and are far from tourist centers, and most often they are near the countryside. Many seekers of a quiet and distant life resort to this type of villas. from the hustle and bustle of the city.

- Tourist villas: This type of villa exceeds the regular villas in terms of price, it is certain that this type of villas have high specifications in terms of cladding, space, location, materials, technology, neighboring areas and view, and all the details are given great care and care, so the prices of these villas are high, but they are worth the trouble.

-Penthouse apartments: They are of a new type, and are often found in skyscrapers. What distinguishes it is its large areas and its external walls are often made of glass, which means a charming view of this apartment day and night. This type of apartments also provides comfort, tranquility and a system that resembles independent villas, and there are no adjacent or opposite apartments on the floor, which helps the residents in independence, and these apartments are considered expensive apartments, but they are very elegant and luxurious.

• Conclusion

In conclusion, we note that the luxury and luxury real estate in Turkey is diverse and many and is the focus of attention for many investors and money owners. Property features and the price it is worth.

Despite this, this type of real estate is witnessing a great demand due to the facilities provided by the Turkish state to all investors and those wishing to buy luxury real estate, in addition to the fact that real estate prices in Istanbul are good compared to their prices in Europe, and this increases the desire of investors and businessmen in it.

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