Many advantages when investing in real estate in the countryside of Istanbul 2022

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Most people focus on the main cities and the city center and the famous and distinctive areas, but hey, the city is not everything. There is the city countryside, where many people resort to, escaping from the crowding and hustle of cities, the smoke of factories and car exhaust, towards the Istanbul countryside, which is distinguished by its pure atmosphere, charming nature, and calmness, which does not prevent it from providing the necessities of a normal life in terms of services, in addition to being rich in tourist and recreational activities, archaeological sites, beaches, parks and markets.

The complexities and speed of life in big cities such as Istanbul are almost endless, everyone must go to the villages and cities of Istanbul's countryside to take a break in which to renew his energy and restore his vitality, whether on a weekend or even a day visit, and whether one is alone or on a group or family trip.

• Is the countryside of Istanbul for tourism only?

The countryside of Istanbul is not only a tourist destination, but it is also a destination for promising real estate investments in all its forms, whether residential or related to the tourism sector. The best investment options in Istanbul countryside real estate are agricultural lands, farms and villas, large-sized homes, hotels or hotel apartments, and restaurants in tourist areas.

• Some of the most beautiful villages in the countryside of Istanbul

- Polish village: Polonezköy

It is a small village whose residents depend on agriculture, administratively affiliated to the Beykoz district in the Asian side of Istanbul. The Polish village is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the countryside of Istanbul and the most preferred by tourists, and is known for its beauty and gentle atmosphere, and away from the hustle and bustle and pollution of cities, and many tourists go there to practice cycling.

- Riva Istanbul:

Riva Istanbul is one of the coastal villages on the Asian side of Istanbul, about 35 to 40 km from the center of the well-known Beykoz district. It is in the middle of the area separating the "Anatolian Lighthouse" from the "Sile" district, and it has a long beach on the Black Sea. Its roads are narrow and free of congestion, and its environment is clean, and it still dazzles the eyes of tourists with its rustic landmarks with splendor and attractive design, and its colorful houses. It is also characterized by its popular restaurants that provide delicious meals with sessions with wonderful views of nature.

• Investing in the countryside of Istanbul has several advantages, including:

- Innovative rural house designs that make the most of the land on which they are built.

- Competitive rural house prices. If we make a simple comparison between the prices of houses between the city and the countryside, then certainly in the countryside you will find the best and most suitable cost for you.

- The multiple options offered by home designs, some of which are one-story, and others consist of two floors or more.

- The strategic location near the capital, Istanbul, the facilities that the Turkish government has begun to provide to foreign investors, and the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey.

Pros of real estate investment in the countryside of Istanbul

In fact, there are many points that encourage going to rural areas, investing in and residing in them, because of the beautiful elements they have that attract many city residents, brokers, and even tourists, whether they are Arabs or foreigners. Here are some of the advantages that the countryside has over the city:

- Rural real estate is far from sources of noise, car exhaust and air pollutants, so it is healthy housing surrounded by calm from all sides.

- The presence of vast green spaces provides the soul with an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature.

- Real estate in the Turkish countryside has distinctive designs from the inside, as it is often two floors on top of each other.

- There are a lot of tourists who prefer the Istanbul countryside to spend their time in Turkey, so many Turkish people love this countryside for their summer holidays and vacations.

- Calm and independence.

- Away from noise and pollution.

- Living in the middle of nature.

- A safe haven and a place ready for holidays and recovery periods.

• Cons of real estate investment in the countryside of Istanbul

Certainly, there are many negatives to the countryside in its general image, no matter how beautiful the countryside is with its majestic green spaces, but this will not deny that there are great differences between it and the city. Among the most important negatives that still face the countryside to this day:

- Few job opportunities, where various projects and abundant job opportunities as well as the city are absent, and the matter is limited to some professions and limited fields, where work is predominantly in the countryside within the agricultural sector, while the rest of the sectors are almost non-existent in the countryside.

- Your purchase of a house in the countryside is not the main goal that will bring you a comfortable and peaceful life. You must have a foothold in the city before the countryside, that is, you have a house in the city and in the countryside. Many people have their original settlement in the city, and they collect some money in order to establish a simple real estate project within the countryside because of the cheap prices in it. Being satisfied with a house in the countryside is not enough for you.

- Absence of recreational services from rural real estate, which are enjoyed by the real estate of residential complexes, as well as in the city.

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