Medical Tourism in Turkey 2023

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  1. Take a look at the advantages of medical tourism in Turkey:
  2. Turkish medical tourism global ranking:
  3. The most attractive medical treatments for foreigners in Turkey:
  4. Reasons that made Turkey a distinguished destination for medical tourism:

Do you know that Turkey is one of the most important tourism destinations in the world? As a result of its magnificent medical potential, foreigners and tourists visit it from everywhere.

Turkey is a safe haven for medical tourism. Therefore, the number of tourists visiting it for medical treatment has increased due to the huge prosperity it has witnessed in terms of medicine and health.

During the previous years, the Turkish government has been working of establishing many health centers, medical clinics and hospitals as to support the medical tourism sector. Indeed, these hospitals and clinics are ranked the top in the world starting with Basaksehir Medical City.

In this article, Akarakom will provide you with everything related to medical tourism in Turkey.

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Take a look at the advantages of medical tourism in Turkey:

  1. There are many health resorts and natural sulfur hot springs in Turkey that are used in the treatment of many diseases such as skin disease, orthopedic disease, joint disease, rheumatism, and anemia.
  2. Patients will not only receive treatment, but will also have a pleasant and interesting trip and have a wonderful time visiting famous places and landmarks, in Turkey.
  3. Medical tourism in Turkey is one of the fastest growing and rapidly developing sectors. Nowadays, it has the most important medical cadres in various specialties.
  4. In addition to the intensive care that patients receive, the costs are suitable, in contrast to the prices in European countries, where their high cost does not suit everyone.

Besides to talking about the advantages of medical tourism in Turkey, you should know that the Ministry of Health in Turkey has been working with supporting most hospitals in Turkey with superior infrastructure and advanced equipment.

The Turkish government aspires to attract more than 2 million tourists from different countries by 2023, which will bring it more than 3.5 million dollars, annually.

Do you know that medical tourism is one of the most important sectors that supports the Turkish economy and contributes significantly to increase the national income? so it is given special attention by the government.

Turkish medical tourism global ranking:

We have already mentioned that Turkey is a major destination for medical tourism in the world. It ranked third in the world and was only ahead of South Korea and the United States. Turkey did not obtain this ranking in vain, but it was a result of the significant development it is witnessing and its reasonable costs. Moreover, it receives tourists from different countries, including Germany, Russia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, UK, Ukraine and many others. Worth to be mentioned, Istanbul comes on top of the medical tourism destinations, followed by Izmir, Ankara, Yalova, and Antalya.

The most attractive medical treatments for foreigners in Turkey:

Although Turkey's development in the medical sector is significant, its tremendous supremacy has emerged in some areas, especially the cosmetic field. Through the following paragraph, we will talk about the most important therapeutic specialties, in Turkey:

1 - Hair transplantation:

Hair transplantation is considered the final solution to get rid of baldness that many people suffer from. People usually chose Turkey, in particular, due to the advanced therapeutic techniques it follows in addition to its experienced doctors. Don't forget that the success rate of these plastic surgeries is more than 90%.

It should be noted here that hair transplantation does not only include scalp, but also eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustache.

2 - Cosmetic and dental implants:

Ten years ago, the importance of cosmetic dentistry and implants emerged in Turkey. That's why it has been able to achieve advanced positions among many countries.

Many people , as a result of some accident, lose their teeth, but they do not have to worry any more due to dental therapeutic solutions and dental implants which are the best and most feasible option.

Recently, the Hollywood smile has spread and has become a dream for many, thus Turkey is one of the superior countries in this field as well.

3 - IVF:

The development of medicine in Turkey is not limited to one field, IVF surgeries in Turkey are very successful which makes many who suffer from infertility go to it, as it has all infertility treatments.

4 - Hot sulfur water treatment:

Some diseases require going to hot springs, as we mentioned earlier, they contribute to the treatment of many diseases.

Do you know that this kind of water, due to the minerals it contains, helps skin to secrete collagen, which restores vitality and freshness and helps get rid of sagging?

It also helps protect people from cardiovascular diseases because they contribute to regulating their beat and expanding blood vessels.

Reasons that made Turkey a distinguished destination for medical tourism:

In addition to all above mentioned advantages of medical tourism in Turkey, there are other main reasons that encourage foreigners to choose Turkey on other countries despite their great development.

You should know that there is a great ease in traveling to Turkey and in securing your place of residence, more importantly, if you do not want to bother yourself with these details, you can contract a medical company or a specialized center where it will take over of all these matters on your behalf.

Turkey's geographical location has attracted many people, as it is in the middle of the world. Tourists come to it from European countries and from various Arab countries.

It is known for its many treatments and therapeutic solutions that are not available in other countries with reasonable prices.

You may wonder about disadvantages of medical tourism in Turkey, there are certainly negative aspects such as the language barrier, the difficulty of identifying good hospitals and centers, and the cultural difference, yet, its positives certainly outweigh in several stages.

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