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Feb 5, 2023

Obtaining a Turkish Passport

Today, Turkey has become one of the most important destinations for investors to invest in Turkey and their desire to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment.

And certainly, Turkish citizenship has many advantages that encourage investors to find different ways to obtain it, as obtaining Turkish citizenship will entitle you to hold a Turkish passport, which offers many benefits to its holder. Below we will talk more about the Turkish passport and its importance.

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Advantages of obtaining a Turkish passport:

The Turkish passport has many features that make it one of the most powerful passports in the world, and we will mention the most important of them:

1- The Turkish passport allows its holder to enter 115 countries around the world without requiring a visa, and this greatly facilitates mobility, especially for merchants, investors and businessmen who travel frequently between countries of the world.

2- The person holding a Turkish passport can enter more than 33 countries around the world and automatically obtain an entry visa upon arrival from the airport.

3- There are eight countries around the world that allow those who hold Turkish citizenship and possess a Turkish passport to obtain an electronic entry visa online without the need for procedures and field visits.

4- The Turkish passport occupies an advanced rank and is one of the best and most powerful 30 passports around the world.

5- A person who holds a Turkish passport can obtain dual citizenship and hold the passport of the country of origin, and this is one of the important features for him.

6- Once you hold a Turkish passport, you will enjoy all the rights and duties that Turkish citizens enjoy and can participate in the elections and vote.

7- The validity of the Turkish passport extends to a full ten years, and it can be renewed for life.

8- The period of time required to obtain a Turkish passport is very short, as it does not exceed 30 days between submitting the application and obtaining the passport, and this is considered a positive point in favor of the Turkish passport.

9 - All individuals who obtain Turkish citizenship can obtain a Turkish passport directly without any delay or additional procedures.

Why do investors choose the Turkish passport over others?

This is due to a number of advantages that Turkey enjoys, perhaps the most important of which are:

* The unprecedented great development that Turkey witnessed during the past few years, which was positively reflected on the many investment projects in it.

* The recovery achieved by the Turkish economy in all fields of sponsorship, industrial and commercial, and certainly the field of real estate investment in Turkey had a large share of development.

* The new trend of the Turkish government to conduct government transactions in an electronic way, which facilitates many procedures and saves a lot of time for the investor.

* Modern investment projects that will affect the whole world, including Istanbul's new airport, Istanbul Water Canal, Basaksehir Medical City and others, and they are all being worked on and are expected to achieve unparalleled successes.

* Turkey’s strategic location has a major role in its choice of investment and the desire to hold its nationality and passport, as it is located between the two most important continents in the world, Asia and Europe, and thus it connects the West and the East, and this gives it great commercial importance and contributes to concluding agreements important with the countries of the region in their interest.

How to obtain a Turkish passport:

The matter is the beginning of simplicity and begins with obtaining Turkish citizenship, and of course there are many ways, but investors often tend to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property, but certainly there are conditions that must be met when buying a property in Turkey to obtain citizenship, which is that its price is not less than 400 thousand dollars or equivalent and to be kept for a period of three years, and after obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can directly apply for a Turkish passport, and thus we find that the process is easy and does not require complicated procedures, quite the contrary.

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