Prices of apartments in Avcilar Istanbul

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Prices of apartments in Avcilar Istanbul

In the European part of Istanbul, near the new Istanbul Water Canal Project and the famous Buyukcekmece Lake, Avcilar is located and it includes many real estate investment projects, filled with various residential and commercial properties, including apartments for sale in Avcilar Istanbul. Investors are constantly flocking to Avcilar in order to buy apartments for sale in Avcilar Istanbul and enjoy the exclusive features and wide advantages of these properties… The prices of apartments in Avcilar Istanbul are one of the most important things for investors to ask and inquire constantly due to the varying prices of apartments among them and the change in price quotations over time! In this article, we will learn about the most important elements of real estate investment in Avcilar Istanbul and its impact on the prices of apartments in Avcilar Istanbul.

Real estate investment in Avcilar, Istanbul:

Avcilar is one of the developed places in Istanbul, the European side… it is one of The best areas to buy a real estate in Istanbul It is distinguished by its robust infrastructure and its strategic location in the center of the country, which makes Istanbul real estate in Avcilar close to the most important urban centers and modern transportation lines, markets, malls and commercial centers... you could learn about the most famous malls in Istanbul in addition to its proximity to the most vital projects in Istanbul; It is the Istanbul Water Canal project that stimulates the rise and establishment of real estate investment projects in the region. In short, Avcilar's strategic location promises impressive real estate investments and increasing real estate investment profits.

The solid infrastructure in the Avcilar region, including educational institutions, health facilities, real estate, public and private institutions, and advanced vital facilities add vitality and a high standard of life within Avcilar, and this explains the continued availability of buyers and investors towards buying real estate and apartments for sale in Avcilar, Istanbul!

The view that the apartments for sale in Avcilar enjoy is distinctive and exclusive, especially since Avcilar overlooks the Marmara Sea from the south and overlooks Buyukcekmece Lake, which gives it a wonderful, natural and beautiful blue water view!

What about apartment prices in Avcilar, Istanbul?

On average, the prices of apartments in Avcilar, Istanbul are competitive when compared to the prices of similar apartments and those with similar specifications to the prices of apartments in other European and foreign countries.

As for the prices of apartments in Avcilar, Istanbul at the local level, they give varying and changing values ​​​​depending on many factors and components of the apartments, and the statistics indicate the increase in the prices of apartments and real estate in general within Avcilar over time!

Among the most important factors that determine the prices of apartments in Avcilar Istanbul, we mention:

• The location of the apartment in Avcilar and its proximity to transportation, Buyuk Lake or the Marmara Sea! • The breadth and beauty of the view that the apartment enjoys, especially if the view is on the sea.

• The area of ​​the apartment.

• Interior and exterior designs used in the design of the apartment, designs, decorations and colors.

• Services related to the apartment, especially if the apartment is located within a residential complex.

• Modern techniques used in the management of the apartment!

• The newness of the apartment or its age.

The prices of apartments in Avcilar, Istanbul, compared to the prices of apartments and real estate in the rest of Istanbul, are relatively high prices due to its proximity to vital facilities, malls, shopping centers and transportation, and its attraction to many large and important foreign investors.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying real estate and apartments for sale in Avcilar, Istanbul:

- You can apply for Turkish citizenship by buying property in Avcilar, specifically apartments for sale in Turkey 2021 Avcilar, Istanbul..

- For foreign investors to obtain Turkish citizenship, it is required to purchase apartments or any other real estate at a value of 250 thousand US dollars or the equivalent, according to the exchange rate of the currency at the time.

- Real estate offers that include apartments for sale in Avcilar-Istanbul, including suitable properties for obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying property through real estate investment.

- We advise you to resort to real estate companies that inform you of the latest real estate offers that intersect with your desires and specifications that you are looking for, as real estate companies provide you with suitable properties for obtaining Turkish citizenship within a record period of time that does not exceed ninety days.

- You can buy an apartment in Avcilar or more than one apartment in Avcilar or within any region of Turkey, so that the final value is 250 thousand US dollars, of course, with an emphasis on fulfilling all the legal conditions set.

The offers of Avcilar apartments are rich and varied, as are the prices of apartments in Avcilar-Istanbul:

Whatever your budget and no matter how accurate your choices are, Avcilar has many apartments, houses and real estate offers that you dream of! Do not hesitate to invest in real estate and take advantage of the opportunities suitable for you, especially since the prices of apartments in Avcilar-Istanbul are constantly increasing and rising and promise with increasing investment profits in the future!

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