Promising expectations for the future of real estate investment in Turkey 2022

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Turkey's distinguished location between the two most important continents in the world, Europe and Asia, played a major role in its fame and its economic and commercial success. Because, thanks to its location, it has many good commercial relations with the European Union and the Middle East, and this is what greatly benefits the investment and foreign trade business. Turkey, being famous for its strategic location, historical importance and its richness in geographical diversity, had a prominent role in leading the real estate sector in Turkey to be the most attractive investment destination for investors around the world, especially in recent years.. Reports and studies interested in real estate affairs around the world indicated that Turkey is one of the ideal real estate investment destinations in the world. In addition, Turkey's pleasant climate and its amazing topography of coasts, mountains, plains and valleys are among the most important factors that attract tourists and encourage tourism in Turkey, and this benefits real estate investment and the vitality of the real estate market in Turkey.

• What is real estate investment?

It is one of the most important and widespread forms of investment in Turkey. Although this type of investment is a long-term investment and its results are not immediate and take time, it is the most popular in Turkey, because it is a safe investment and achieves guaranteed profits, whether the investment is in real estate under construction or in ready real estate. Profit rates vary according to the factors represented in the location of the property, its view and its proximity to the appropriate infrastructure.

• The future of real estate investment in the cities of Turkey

- Istanbul

The future of real estate investment in Turkey is safe, especially in Istanbul, the solid economic pillar and the most important economic capital at the global level. There are several reasons that indicate that the future of investment in Turkey in general and the city of Istanbul in particular is 100% safe and successful for several reasons:

1- Related studies show that the real estate investment desires of foreign investors in Turkey tend to the commercial sector of real estate more than others, especially offices and companies, as the office market in Istanbul is witnessing strong competition among investors, of course because these projects implicitly profit from residential real estate investment .

2- The investment return from Istanbul real estate is a very competitive return, not only at the local level, but also at the European and global levels. Every year, Istanbul achieves records in increasing its population, due to the movement of immigration to it from inside and outside Turkey, which constantly creates an increase in the demand for real estate and housing.

3- The city of Istanbul is very interested in construction and urban issues, and attaches great importance to urban construction. Real estate in European Istanbul is distinguished by its superiority over many of its counterparts in Turkey and abroad in terms of design, the amount of attraction and prices.

4- The Turkish government is trying to take advantage of its old or non-strategic areas, so it develops its infrastructure and provides it with a number of temptations and incentives, which increases the prices of real estate in it. This particular matter has caused the high prices of apartments in Istanbul in more than one region.

5- The city of Istanbul has passed the stage of its superiority in presenting modern real estate offers to a more important stage, as it has a big difference between it and the rest of the states in terms of the volume of real estate sales. It also reached the stage that the demand for real estate in Istanbul exceeds the real estate offers presented, which contributed significantly to raising the financial return on investment in Istanbul real estate to a point making it reach the second rank in the world as the best value for real estate investment return.

• Elements that indicate the success of real estate investment in Turkey in the future

There are many indicators that indicate that the future of real estate investments in the cities of Turkey will be a prosperous and promising future with good and joyful returns and gains for many, we mention some of the most important of these ingredients:

o   Modern real estate architecture:

Real estate in Istanbul in particular is characterized by being beautiful, new and modern, because the Ministry of Housing in Turkey urges real estate developers to apply modern, environmentally friendly and economically efficient architectural methods in general. In Istanbul, you will find many real estate investment options that provide architectural beauty and thoughtful green spaces in addition to being economically efficient and with an acceptable profit return.

o   Safe Capital:

Real estate investment in Istanbul is very encouraging due to capital protection, because real estate prices are always changing with the value of the Turkish lira. If the local currency rates go down, the value of the property logically rises to offset any drop in the price of your property. In addition, the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank of Turkey are major players in ensuring the stability of real estate and products and the balance against the Turkish lira.

o   Real estate with unique specifications and high quality:

Real estate in Turkey competes with its counterparts in various Arab and foreign countries. Turkey today is full of booming real estate investment projects, including real estate development projects. And real estate in Turkey is built using the best building materials , and the latest and best technologies , with the help of the expertise of the best specialized engineers .

o   Granting Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey:

The law of granting Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey was one of the most prominent governmental laws supporting the real estate sector in Turkey and real estate investment movements in it. As for its details, the government granted Turkish citizenship to real estate investors when the investor purchased a property worth 250 thousand dollars, provided that he is a holder of one of the nationalities that is allowed to own and buy Turkish real estate, and that he is a full-fledged adult, with fulfilling the required conditions and papers.

o   Real estate in Turkey at competitive prices:

Despite all the modernity, development and sophistication of real estate in Turkey, it still enjoys relatively low prices when compared to its counterparts in European or foreign countries, due to government support and a solid economy, and attractive plans to invest in Turkish lands, which is reflected positively on the real estate investment movement in Turkey.

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