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In general, the best type of investment in Turkey is real estate investment. This type of investment has its positives and benefits, and returns in the interest of investors and generates high profits for them, but for this type of investment there are many things that must be taken into account for the investment to succeed and there is a great return. Also, investment must be a double-edged sword;  Risk has a price, and sacrifice has a price. Certainly, whoever seeks profit must cross the path of loss, but the percentage of loss in Turkey is low because it is the best option for anyone who wants to invest and take risks in Turkey’s real estate. The city of Istanbul in particular is a diversified investment where the returns increase as the risk increases, and this is a must in any type of investment.

As mentioned earlier, the percentage of loss may be small compared to the many investments in which the investor may lose most of what he owns in moments, in addition to the fact that the property is a tangible asset that can be owned and not a virtual thing. This feature makes the risks minimal and no matter how low or decreased real estate prices in Turkey in certain periods, it will certainly rise again.

● Real estate investment in Turkey and its advantages

Each investment has many advantages that attract investors to it and make capital flow to enter it. There is no doubt that real estate generates income steadily and as it has always been known for its importance as assets characterized by many attractive factors, the most important of which are high returns, and the possibility of obtaining financing, but in return for the advantages there are many negatives that must be deepened and known and treated as risks in the distant future that may occur as a kind of taking precautions. We can summarize the advantages of real estate investment in several points, the most important of which are:

1- Increasing the value of the real estate you own in the long term, which means that the value of the real estate you own after years will surely rise and thus the capital will increase.

2- Obtaining a fixed, continuous and guaranteed monthly financial return that can rise in the coming years.

3- Real estate investment in a place like Turkey is a safe investment, this type of long-term investment is known as a great saving for the retirement period and a guarantee of a decent life.

4- A lot of and continuous demand on the rental market, whether the property is new or old alike, which guarantees a stable additional income.

5- Obtaining Turkish citizenship: By owning a single property or buying several properties with a value of $250,000 thousand. Perhaps this advantage is certainly the best after the Turkish government has made it available to every investor to buy one property or several properties with the value mentioned above and the possibility of applying and obtaining Turkish citizenship with the family, by purchasing any type of real estate, whether it is an apartment, an office, a villa or a commercial shop. The Turkish government has shown great effectiveness in this particular matter that a large and wide category of investors obtained Turkish citizenship within 90 days after completing the purchase process and receiving the title deed. This procedure and other Turkish government facilities encourage dozens of Arab investors and other nationalities to make real estate investments in Turkey with the aim of collecting profits and obtaining Turkish citizenship, especially since the Turkish economy is rapidly growing and the real estate market is witnessing a recovery and a very great demand, according to the statistics that are conducted on a monthly basis.

What are the negatives of real estate investment in Turkey?

Sometimes the negatives or obstacles may not be related to you or the type of your investment or decisions, but will often be related to the tenant himself. When the tenant stops paying his monthly rent or is late in paying the value of the monthly allowance for the property, delay and non-payment are among the main risks to you as an investor.

Patience for the profits that come in the long run; This type of investment needs a lot of patience, because the returns are not immediate or close, but most often take time, so whoever wants to enter this field must be aware that the profit here is based on patience, as usually it is capital's profits in this type of long-term investment. Being affected by the general economic conditions, which may make the investment property free of the tenant in some cases.

Difficulty finding tenants sometimes is one of the downsides of this type of real estate investment.

You may find it difficult to sell the property because the demand for commercial real estate as buying or owning is not as intense as investing in residential real estate.

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