Real estate investment in Turkey 2021 is the best in the world

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Encouraging stats and numbers:

Many investors follow the conditions of real estate markets around the world, as real estate investment is one of the most successful and most money-generating investments, and at the same time, it is considered a relatively safe investment. Looking at the state of real estate in Turkey for the year 2021, you will find that the Turkish real estate market was able to develop and achieve a qualitative leap in real estate prices in Turkey, and this was reflected positively on real estate investment in Turkey.

According to the statistics, real estate prices in Turkey increased in one year from the beginning of 2020 to the beginning of 2021 by approximately 30%, ahead of all countries of the world, and this indicates the extent of the success of real estate investment in Turkey, so it is considered an irreplaceable opportunity!

Attractive cities for real estate investment in Turkey 2021:

According to the studies that were conducted, it was shown that some cities in Turkey are preferred over others in terms of buying real estate. Of course, Istanbul is certainly at the top of the list, as the percentage of real estate purchases in Istanbul increased during 2021 and real estate prices rose by 28 percent, while the city of Izmir has witnessed a rise like that in real estate prices, and within one year it has achieved an estimated increase of 33% to top the list globally as the city that witnessed the most increase in prices and thus growth in real estate investment.

Of course, the Turkish capital, Ankara, has a large share as well, as real estate prices rose in one year by 30%. With this, we note that Turkish cities come at the top of the list as the best places for real estate investment and real estate purchase.

The most important advantages of real estate investment in Turkey for 2021

Buying a property in Turkey has many features and advantages, the most important of which is that you will be residing on the land of one of the important countries that are among the countries that have advanced ranks in terms of economic and cultural strength. And if you buy a property and live in it, you will get in return the comfort of living, facilitating the ways of life and reducing its difficulties. However, if you do not want to live in it and only buy it for trade and investment, then in this case you are also a winner because you will make money at the end of the month through rent. If you buy the apartment and live in it, you will raise your children in a conservative environment in which the customs of the East and the development of the West, and this in itself is a great gain, in addition, you will obtain Turkish residency thanks to this property.

An obvious advantage of buying real estate in Turkey is the favorable visa system and easy procedures for obtaining a residence permit. Citizens of many countries can visit Turkey for tourism purposes without wasting time and money on visa application. Indeed, after 5 years real estate owners can apply for Turkish citizenship and become equal citizens of this wonderful country.

First of all, investing in Turkish real estate is beneficial due to its high cash. Apartments in residential complexes, which offer a wide range of services and are located in areas with developed infrastructure, are in great demand for year-round rentals. It's attractive for resale, too.

Turkey has a positive attitude towards foreign investors. The government is constantly working to simplify procedures and create a favorable climate to attract new investors. The risk is reduced to zero. The foreign investment activity system is considered one of the most liberal in Turkey. After selling Turkish real estate, one can easily transfer money back to their home country. It is also important that foreigners can get credits to buy real estate in a Turkish bank, and there is a possibility to buy a property in installments over several years.

In addition, it is very profitable to invest in projects under construction. Turkish construction companies not only finish the work on time, but often go ahead of the stipulated time limits. The temperate climate and high demand contribute to the rapid completion of projects. Turkish banks sometimes offer insurance that guarantees a certain payment in case of delay. Real estate under construction can be bought very cheaply and it is possible to get very attractive apartments.

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