Real estate investment in Turkey is your way to obtaining Turkish citizenship

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First: Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:

The Turkish government offers a lot of ingredients and advantages to foreign investors who want to obtain Turkish citizenship. These advantages include both the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by both the foreign investor and his family members who are allowed by law to obtain citizenship as well; They are the husband or wife and children under the age of eighteen, within a period not exceeding two months.

In addition to this, the possibility of buying a property in Turkey, whatever it is, is worth two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars. And then this property can be resold and additional profits made, i.e. benefiting from it in terms of obtaining Turkish citizenship on the one hand and achieving investment returns and financial profits, after three years from the date of purchasing this property in Turkey by the foreign investor. And the possibility of benefiting from the property used to obtain Turkish citizenship does not stop there, as it is possible to rent this property and achieve investment returns in this way.

Turkish citizenship is characterized by the absence of a requirement for actual residence in Turkey before, during and even after obtaining it and obtaining a Turkish passport. And the matter does not end here. The investors who hold Turkish citizenship have the possibility to apply for a visa to enter the United States of America.

Secondly: Conditions for obtaining citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey:

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment requires fulfilling some conditions, but in general, it is very simple and easily achievable compared to the conditions necessary for obtaining many other foreign nationalities. The first is to buy a property in Turkey, on the condition that the value of this property is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, and the investor must keep this property, which he will use to obtain Turkish citizenship, for a period of time, at least three years, from the date of its purchase. In addition to the above, the person must have a clean criminal record.

Third: The cost of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey:

The Citizenship by Investment Program requires the foreign investor to purchase immovable property, ie, buy a property in Turkey. And the value of this property should not be less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars and keep its ownership for at least three years. As for other fees, they are necessary for the citizenship application, such as government fees and fees for submitting this application.

Fourthly: Steps and procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey:

First, the first step includes viewing and examining the required property, which meets the conditions of the Turkish citizenship program through investment. The second step is to buy this property. Third, the foreign investor submits an application for residency. The fourth step is when an application is submitted for obtaining Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport.

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