Real estate investment is your way to obtain Turkish citizenship

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One of the advantages of buying property in Turkey is the possibility of obtaining real estate residency and then allowing to apply for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment, and here the property owner has achieved several goals and obtained several advantages at the same time. And in this article, we will explain to you about this type of investment, which leads its owner to obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Real estate investment in Turkey helps the investor to obtain Turkish citizenship, as when you buy property in Turkey worth more than 250.000 US dollars, you can apply to the Tabu Directorate, which is the General Directorate of Land Registry, and request to obtain Turkish citizenship. After submitting the application, the real estate appraisal report and bank transfer documents are reviewed and then the Tabu Directorate gives you approval within 3 to 7 days. By being approved for Turkish citizenship, you can apply to the Immigration Office without waiting for a new residence permit.

After obtaining the approval and residence permit, you apply to the General Directorate of Population and Nationality as a last stage, provided that the applicant for Turkish citizenship is not a threat to the national security of the Turkish government. All procedures are followed at the Citizenship Information Office in Istanbul and Ankara where they complete the process of obtaining citizenship within two to six months.

Benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment:

1- You become a citizen and be treated as a Turkish citizen, you and your family, i.e. your wife and children under the age of eighteen

2- It is not required to be permanently residing in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment, as you can be outside the country and apply for citizenship as soon as you obtain a residence permit.

3- You are not required to disclose your wealth or property or even the income you receive in other countries.

What documents are required from you when applying for Turkish citizenship:

- Application form

- A valid passport

-Four personal photos and a passport photo for each family member.

- birth certificate.

-Residence permit or valid tourist visa on the passport.

-Marriage contract.

-Tax payment receipt.

-Real estate appraisal report.

-A bank transfer receipt with a minimum value of $25,000.

-A title deed or a property purchase contract duly documented.

Currently, Turkish citizens can travel to 102 countries without the need to obtain a visa. The vast majority of these countries allow Turkish citizens to stay from 30 to 90 days without any visa while some countries grant visas on arrival at the airport or issue electronic visas when applying online.

Other investment methods:

1- Deposit USD 500,000 in Turkish banks, provided that the amount is not withdrawn from the bank for a period of three years.

2- Buying government bonds worth $500,000, provided that he does not sell it until after at least three years have passed.

3- Buying shares worth $500,000 in Turkish real estate investment trusts, provided that they are not sold for 3 years.

4- An investment of $500,000 in fixed assets.

5- Employing 50 Turkish employees in one of your companies.

At the end of this article, we conclude that obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey is one of the easiest and safest ways, and its advantages are many, as it will be beneficial in all its aspects to anyone who wants to apply for Turkish citizenship. Moreover, the person will have owned a property in Turkey and He preserved his money and opened the doors for real estate investment for him, and he was able to use the property for housing and residence or for real estate investment by renting the property and earning high profits, since Turkey is a tourist country where there is a great demand for renting real estate and finally obtaining a Turkish passport and its advantages .

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