Real estate prices in the European and Asian side of Istanbul

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Real estate prices in Istanbul are varied according to the region and many factors and specifications for which the property is known. If this topic interests you, in the following article, we will provide many details about real estate prices in this city between its Asian and European sides, and we will highlight the factors affecting it.

What we will present immediately is important for anyone who wants to buy real estate in Turkey, whether his goal is housing and residence or real estate investment.

Take a look at real estate prices in Istanbul:

First of all, did you know that Istanbul is one of the most attractive Turkish cities for foreigners? It has recently been able to maintain its position in terms of the number of properties sold, because of the proportion to its assets, it is considered the favorite city by many people, especially as it is the economic capital and the cradle of successive civilizations and cultures, and an important destination for tourism.

The city of Istanbul is a harmonious mixture of everything that is old and heritage, and what is new and modern, and this has added more importance to it.

Do not forget that the geographical location of this city was a major reason for its distinction, as it spans two continents at the same time (Asia and Europe). It is separated by the Bosphorus Strait and also has a wonderful view of the Marmara Sea.

Did you know that Istanbul has the most powerful infrastructure in the world, where many mega development projects are being launched, including:

- Airports such as Istanbul New Airport and Sabiha Airport.

- The new Istanbul Water Canal.

- Highways, which were an effective solution to get rid of the traffic and congestion that resulted due to the high population density in the city. Work on expanding public transportation networks that linked the European side with the Asian side.

It includes many important hospitals, such as (Basaksehir Medical City), which has worked to support its health sector in a large and wide way.

Factors that affect real estate prices in Istanbul:

If you want to buy a property in Istanbul, you must see the factors affecting it in order to have a clear idea of ​​the prices and also this helps you not to fall into the trap of fraud.

1 - The geographical location of any property is an important factor in determining its value. The more strategic it is, the higher its price.

- Is it close to public transportation? Especially the metrobus, which is one of the most important means of transportation in the world because of its speed and length. If it is located in an area, it will lead to an increase in the value of real estate investment, such as the (Beylikduzu) (Avcilar) area.

- If it is close to strategic projects in the city such as airports, bridges, tunnels, etc. If you want to invest in real estate, it is recommended that you look for a property near it.

- The view that the property enjoys, is it overlooking the green spaces? Or is it overlooking the sea? Or is it overlooking the city streets?

- Specifications of the property, and what is meant here is the quality of finishes, cladding and decorations, are they old-fashioned or modern?

- The condition of the property, i.e. its age, is it old or new? In this context, we must point out that new real estate is more expensive than old real estate and is the best option for real estate investment.

The most important features of the European side of Istanbul:

If you are wondering about any real estate prices on both sides, we must clarify here that the prices on the European side are higher than the prices on the Asian side for many reasons:

- The European side includes many factories, factories and headquarters of the most important international companies. This part of the city witnesses great commercial activity.

- There is a great demand for buying real estate in European Istanbul as a result of the great urban development that it is witnessing. This side of the city guarantees you a stable and upscale life.

- It is not a fixed rule that prices on the European side are higher, as there are some areas of the Asian side that are no less important than any of its areas, such as (Uskudar).

The most important features of the Asian side of Istanbul:

- The Asian side is characterized by a large spread of wide green spaces, including high-end parks, beautiful gardens, hills and mountains, in contrast to the European side, which was dominated by urbanization.

- Real estate experts expect that the future of real estate investment in the Asian side of Istanbul will be distinguished due to the urban transformation projects that it is witnessing.

- It is suitable for those who are looking for a quiet and stable housing, so many businessmen, artists and celebrities have chosen to settle in it.

- A lot of construction companies turned to it to create the most important modern and high-end real estate projects, and this was a motive for investors to search for real estate for sale.

Is it possible to find cheap real estate in Istanbul?

The city of Istanbul is not limited to the rich or those with high budgets only, as everyone can search for real estate for sale in it because its real estate market is diverse and includes unlimited options.

If you want to buy a cheap property in Istanbul, you can look away from the city center and head towards remote areas, old buildings or far from service facilities such as shopping centers, schools, hospitals and universities.

Real estate prices in Beylikduzu and Esenyurt are rather cheap, and the prices in Arnavutkoy are rather moderate, and this is for the European side. As for the Asian side, in order to buy a cheap apartment, you must be away from the sea and the city center.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Beylikduzu:

Recently, this area has become very popular, especially among businessmen and investors, many of whom considered it a good start in order to build wealth, as many modern real estate projects were built in it in accordance with international standards in terms of design and construction quality.

You should know that prices in this area will rise in the coming period due to the significant increase in demand and also with the completion of the construction of some infrastructure projects near it, such as (the new Istanbul Water Canal).

The price of (2+1) flat in Beylikduzu starts from $180,000.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Basaksehir:

This is one of the most important areas of Istanbul. Despite its modernity, it was able to reserve a place among the most important areas, characterized by its luxurious residential complexes and its modern and advanced infrastructure.

Basaksehir embraces the most important projects in Istanbul, and if you choose to search for apartments for sale in it, you will have two options, either your apartment will view the green spaces or the internal streets.

It is the investor's first choice because of the increasing prices of real estate in it, and this has emerged clearly in recent years.

The price per square meter in this area starts from 15 thousand Turkish liras and varies according to specifications and location.

If you have any questions about real estate prices in Istanbul, you can contact us to provide you with the most important and accurate information and to keep you informed of the latest developments and updates.

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