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Feb 5, 2023

Real Estate Residence in Turkey

This article will help you to know about the types of residence permits in Turkey with a focus on Real Estate Residence which renews every year till you have the ownership of your property.

Following are the types of residence permits in Turkey;

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·      Student Residence

If you are a student in university.

·      Family Residence

If you are married to a Turkish national or your spouse has a work permit.

·      Tourist Residence

If you rent a property on your name (valid for only the first year and cannot be renewed as per the new law).

·      Work Permit

If you work in a company or you own a business.

·      Real Estate Residence

If you buy a property that worths 400,000 dollars, you and your family can get the Turkish residence.

In order to get the Real Estate Residence, relevant documents including application form, title deed, translation of passports, pictures, medical insurance, etc. need to be completed. Then we get the appointment for the applicants. On the date of appointment, applicants go to the concerned department and apply for the residence. Then the residence cards are delivered to your home address.

This residence can be renewed annually till you have the ownership of the property. Renewal is very simple and can be done hassle-free.

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