Should I buy an independent property or an apartment in a residential complex in Istanbul?

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Istanbul is characterized by its important strategic location as it is located in the middle between the Arab cities and also near the European countries, and it is a rising and developed city, and it is growing within a fixed scheme. The city of Istanbul is a promising city by all standards. Real estate investment in Istanbul is also very profitable, as investors can recover the capital and rotate it again in a short period of time. Real estate in Istanbul is considered one of the best real estate investment opportunities, in terms of high profitability in a short period of time. Profit and maximization of interest depends upon comprehensive knowledge and purpose of the property for the best investment in it.

When we talk about real estate investment in the city of Istanbul, we must mention the real estate and apartments in it, where the forms of residence in the city are diverse; There are individual apartments, there are studios, and there is a one-room system or more, in addition to the apartments that are within the residential complexes, and this makes the buyer or the customer in front of beautiful and varied options where each type has its own advantages.

● Apartments in Istanbul are divided into two types:

- Apartments in separate buildings.

- Apartments within residential complexes.

Many people see that buying an apartment in a residential complex at a high price is better than buying an independent apartment at a low price. At the same time, there are those who prefer an independent apartment over an apartment within the residential complex. The reasons may range between financial and other reasons that will become clear in this article, as there are many differences between this type of apartments; apartments in residential complexes have their own advantages, and the same is true for independent apartments.

● What is the difference between these apartments?

Residential complexes have their own style and arrangement. Several services are available in these complexes, such as:

Strict security guard, 24/7 surveillance cameras, and several other services as well as recreational facilities such as playgrounds, swimming pools and gyms.. As the quality of construction in residential complexes is better than independent apartments, and that is due to the supervision of them by large construction companies. All the residential complexes in Turkey and Istanbul in particular have been placed in good strategic areas, after several studies of the areas, and this guarantees you a good return on investment in the future.

● Pros of living in an apartment within a residential complex

1- Providing the means of protection and security: As the residential complexes are walled and surrounded by doors and walls, thanks to the private security and surveillance cameras, which increases one's sense of safety even if he leaves the apartment for long days.

2- Tranquility: For lovers of quiet homes and an atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the option of residential complexes seems ideal. These complexes enjoy a comfortable calm because of their location, which is often far from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

3- Distinctive engineering design: which also distinguishes most residential complexes, as they are known for their distinctive and beautiful buildings, which gives harmony in the form, reflects a positive impression on the residents and gives them the opportunity to enjoy this elegant view.

4- Car parks and services: Residential complexes provide their guests with open or closed car parks, as well as services that make residents do not need to leave the complex with all services that vary between complexes and sometimes contain a school, mosque, nursery, and all the recreational places that one would like to visit, such as swimming pools, playgrounds, gyms, cinema and theater, and many complexes provide transportation from the complex to some nearby major centers.

● Pros of living in independent buildings:

- Low costs: The prices of real estate outside the complexes are often cheaper than inside the complexes, whether if you are looking for ownership apartments in Istanbul or apartments for rent, in both cases the prices of real estate outside the complexes are less expensive than in the complexes.

- Location: By choosing to live outside the complexes, you can find a property close to all public places or to the city center and transportation that facilitates movement in major cities.

- Diversity: Outside the complexes, you will find all the services you need with greater diversity, from entertainment venues to markets, schools and hospitals... All of this will be close to you, but outside your place of residence. The proximity to basic and recreational services is an advantage offered by the detached apartments with the variety of these services in type and price.

In the end, all options are presented to the buyer or the head of the family, so whoever has a family is more careful to choose an apartment within a residential complex in order to feel safe about his family, since residential complexes are equipped to suit families. As for those who are alone, their choice may fall on the independent apartments and their choice may be for the aim of saving money or for the purpose of trade. There are also those who seek residence, housing and stability, and there are those who seek to trade and enter the world of investment. Each person has his reasons that lead him to choose what suits him.

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