Should I invest in commercial or residential property?

In Turkey if you want to buy a shop the location plays a vital role in growing your shop as likewis...

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If you want to get a monthly profit from your capital investment you have to take into consideration that “Have you invested in a residential or commercial property?

First, you should understand the market and control your emotions!

To determine whether a residential property or a shop is the better option, you should know how long it takes for each to recover return the capital investment itself. Here, economists explain that the property should be recovered on average within (150) months from the rental income.

If the annual return on residential property is 5%, the office apartments earn 7%.annually. While, the shops have a lion’s share of 8-10% annually.

With a simple calculation we can see how a shop can repatriate your capital in the shortest possible time.

But do all the shops guarantee the same range of profit?

Step 2: How do I choose the right store?

1- There is nothing more important than the location. Be aware of not slipping into the trap of cheap shops in bad locations.

Later you can do nothing to improve the area, and your shop will remain closed for long months waiting for the tenant.

On the contrary even a small shop in a lively area remains desirable all the time by tenants.

2- Ask the experienced person

Here comes our role , We offer you a free consultation to help you to choose the most suitable store for you and in the right location. Such as shops within a mall or a full-service residential complex; Such as security, ATMs, parking lots or closeness to luxury hotels and the city center.

With the help of our legal experts, we choose you a legal and licensed shop at a fair price.

We can also ensure you rental guarantee to international brands through long-term contracts along with a growth in price.

Last Step: Do I want to Buy Now?

Despite some instability of Turkish economy, we can see how the money is remarkably injected to invest in the Turkish real estate sector.

We can guarantee to get the shop with up to 20% discount.

This is itself one of your indicators of profit or at least a guarantee you will not lose.

Real estate has made many people wealthy; so why do you hesitate? Take your place among them today.

Research by real estate consultant: Mohammed Toman

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