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Feb 5, 2023

Steps to Buy a Property in Turkey

First: Determine the reason for which you want to buy a property in Turkey:

The purchase of real estate in Turkey has recently become the most important goal for the majority of investors of all kinds and nationalities, and with the presence of a large number of people who buy property in Turkey, we find that the reason behind this purchase varies according to different people and when you make a decision Buying a property in Turkey, setting the goal behind it is one of the most important steps of buying a property in Turkey. Depending on the desires and aspirations that you have or want to achieve by purchasing real estate in Turkey, you will be able to develop a clear plan as the goals of buying a property in Turkey vary between desire Entering the sector of real estate investment in Turkey and investing this property in order to achieve returns and financial profits, whether by renting the property in Turkey, reselling it, or even using it in investment projects such as opening a company, hotel, cafe, etc., or you may want to own real estate in Turkey for housing, stability and living in it because it is an ideal place, and therefore the project must be selected, as this helps you in making a decision to buy a residential or commercial property, or you may want to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey which may affect the type of real estate you may start looking for.

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Second: Determining the amount that you can pay for obtaining real estate in Turkey:

Determining your budget is very important and not just a secondary step or a random number, as it plays the biggest role in determining the places and specifications you are looking for so that you do not start looking for properties that do not fit your budget and waste your time in examining them and then you will not be able In addition to knowing the amount available in your hands, which you can dispose of directly, it also helps you determine the method of payment that you will follow. If you have a good amount currently available, you will be able to buy property in Turkey and pay for it immediately, while not Owning a large amount and having a great desire to own real estate in Turkey will make you accept or take into account the idea of ​​buying a property in installments in Turkey, which is an excellent way to get a property and start your investment or residential project faster and shorter.

Third: Start your search for a property and examine the available options for yourself:

After developing a clear plan for what you would like to obtain by owning real estate in Turkey and determining your budget and all the details related to the topic, you will have as a next step to move towards the process of searching for a property in Turkey that meets the specifications that you have set for the type of residential or commercial property and The area of ​​the property, its location, location and, of course, its price, so you should search extensively and consult with experienced people such as real estate offices and real estate agents, as hiring them helps greatly in shortening the time and limiting the available options, or you can search by checking the ads, whether in Newspapers, magazines, or even via the Internet and websites specialized in selling real estate in Turkey, but if you find a property that meets the specifications you are looking for, before taking any next step or deciding to buy it, you must examine this property in Turkey yourself and at The reality is that the ads may be misleading sometimes or that they may not mention the full specifications of the property, so taking a live look at it will enable you to be sure of all the details of this property and the advantages and benefits that it may provide to In the future, in order to avoid being exposed to any fraud or fraud, or falling into the net of hasty decision-making and regret later.

Fourthly: Agreement with the property owner in Turkey and signing the contract:

After making sure that the property you have chosen is really what you are looking for and want, you will have to negotiate with the current property owner on the price, method of payment and timing of payment. And the terms of the process of transferring the ownership of this property from him to you to become the new owner so that you reach an agreement that satisfies both parties and then all the details are written within the property title deed and this deed is signed by both parties, the buyer and the seller, according to which you will officially become the owner of this property in Turkey.

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