Steps to obtaining real estate citizenship in Turkey

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Turkey announced a decision to amend the executive regulations of the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship by foreign investors.

The amendments, which were published in the Official Gazette, indicated the right of anyone who fulfilled any of the conditions for granting citizenship to apply for citizenship.

In the following article, we list the detailed steps for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship according to the new decision, which includes the latest amendments

Steps to obtaining real estate citizenship in Turkey

-What is the right property for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Steps to obtaining real estate citizenship in Turkey Before buying a property, you must include a specific sentence in the title deed, requiring a pledge after selling the property for a period of three years from the date of its ownership.

This is the sentence that must be written in the ownership deed to obtain the right to apply for real estate citizenship after purchase, what is the next step?

After purchasing the property, you submit the following documents to the Soul Department to obtain real estate citizenship, which are as follows:

1- The official title deed (Tabu)

2- A statement of real estate value estimation issued by a competent real estate appraisal body, which will be appointed by the Soul Department.

3- Bank receipts for transferring the value of the property from the buyer to the owner of the old property, certified by the bank.

It must be emphasized here: The value of the property must be paid exclusively by bank transfer, by the buyer of the property to its old owner, and properties whose value has been paid in cash (cash) will not be accepted.

4- Your residence document on Turkish territory, whether it is a tourist residence or under the property.

5-Detailed housing address information, inside and outside Turkey

6- Complete personal contact information.

- What about those who own real estate in Turkey before amending the naturalization decision?

People who owned real estate before the decision must resell and buy real estate to be registered again with the condition of not selling.

And most importantly, selling to a foreigner will not be accepted. Buying and selling must be done by a Turk exclusively.

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