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Feb 5, 2023

Steps to Obtaining the Turkish Citizenship With Real Estate Investment

The new amendments in regard of buying a property of $400,000 instead of $250,000 in order to obtain Turkish citizenship was shocked news to everyone, yet the question remains, how to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for buying real estate in Turkey?

At Akarkom, we have contacted many lawyers and experts in this regard, and we were able to obtain the procedures clearly and summarized it to you as follows:


You need to buy a property or several properties in Turkey worth $400,000 or more. You do not have to buy properties in one city, you can buy several properties in different cities, providing that all of them are worth $400,000.


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 To apply for Turkish citizenship, all title deeds must be in the name of one person, who is the person applying for citizenship.


The project must have a title deed (Tabu) even if it is under construction. In Istanbul, some projects are under construction, but the deed is ready immediately.

Some prefer projects that are under construction in order to be able to sell after the end of the project, with a high profit, especially to take advantage of the price reduction after paying in cash while it is in its condition under construction.

There are some investors who are interested in projects that are under construction, providing that the title deed is ready. The other group prefers to buy a ready-made property with a ready-made title deed and invest it by renting or housing.


After completing the amount up to $400,000, whether from a new property or an old property, the real estate company through which you purchased submits your papers to obtain citizenship, and then the municipality sends a real estate appraiser to evaluate the property and ensure that it nominates you for citizenship.

Therefore, we recommend buying the property through an experienced real estate company, to gain time and high credibility, such as Akarkom, with 10 years of experience in the Turkish market.


When you obtain the report issued by the local real estate appraisers, if the amount is less than $400,000, the transaction will be rejected until the amount is completed (and here lies the experience of the real estate company in choosing properties that receive an evaluation at the same price that you purchased). If the result of the report shows that the total price of your properties is $400,000 and above, the Turkish government starts to study your file in order to grant you Turkish citizenship, either inside Turkey or through embassies for an estimated period of 3 months, then you can prove your kinship to your wife and children who are under 18 years old, to give them citizenship.

We offer you our services in the field of buying real estate in Turkey in three stages, before buying the property, after purchasing the property, and during the purchasing process. We also provide you with the latest real estate offers, in Turkey, that go with your desires and the specifications that you desire, including suitable real estate, offers to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, and purchasing real estate in Turkey within a standard period of 90 days.

Credibility, honesty, and speed are our motto. Do not hesitate to visit our company on the ground or online, in order to request various services at any time you want.


We are ready to answer all your inquiries, so do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, please click here.



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