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Feb 5, 2023

The Best Areas to Buy Villas in Istanbul

The real estate market in Istanbul includes many options that suit all social groups. You can get cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul. You can also find luxury Istanbul real estate. One of the most popular forms of luxury real estate in Istanbul are villas, which are distinguished by their exquisite design and large area. If you are one of those looking for villas for sale in Istanbul, you must know the best areas to buy villas in Istanbul..

Villas for sale in Silivri:

Silvery is located within the European section of Istanbul in Turkey and is considered one of the best areas to buy villas in Istanbul, as it is characterized by its beautiful green nature, which makes it more like rural areas. It also enjoys a strategic location as it overlooks the Marmara Sea and is characterized by calm and tranquility, and this is what It attracts many lovers of nature and tranquility , and real estate prices in Istanbul are considered low and appropriate , which allows the possibility of buying luxury real estate in it at a reasonable and acceptable price that is not available in other areas.


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Villas for sale in Beylikduzu:

Beylikdüzü is considered one of the most areas that witnessed a remarkable development in Istanbul during the previous period and was able to attract the attention of investors from everywhere to establish various investment projects, and what distinguishes Beylikdüzü is the strategic location as it is located within the European side of Istanbul and overlooks the The Marmara Sea and it is expected on the E5 highway, which is the backbone of transportation within the city, and the increasing interest in it during the recent period has made the Turkish government care about its infrastructure and all its services, and this has contributed to attracting more capital to it and the spread of various forms of modern equipped villas. The best equipment, which enjoys a large amount of development and modernity.

Villas for sale in Chatalga:

Çatalca is located in the European part of Istanbul, specifically northwest of Buyukcekmece Lake. It is one of the rural areas known for the beauty of its nature and its vast green area. It is also famous for its many horse farms.

And if you are looking for a villa for sale in Istanbul with a rural character and green spaces, you will not find better than Catalca, which is one of the largest municipalities in Istanbul and is bordered by the northern part of the Black Sea and its distinctive beach.

Villas for sale in Uskudar:

Uscodar is located within Asian Istanbul, as it overlooks the distinctive Bosphorus Strait and is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Istanbul, as it was able to attract the attention of investors and pushed them to buy real estate in Istanbul within it and establish a large number of investment projects in it and enter the world of real estate investment. The real estate in which it has spread, we find that the villas have dominated greatly, and this is certainly due to its dazzling beauty and pleasant climate suitable for the construction of this type of luxury real estate.

Villas for sale in Sariyer:

Sariyer is considered one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul, due to its strategic location on the Bosphorus Strait within the European section of the city, in addition to the spread of a large number of tourist places and recreational facilities, including well-known and famous restaurants and cafes, and this is what makes businessmen and Celebrities choose it as a place of residence and housing, and the villas are distinguished by their luxurious character and distinctive design, and are highly suitable for those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment and real estate purchase, as real estate prices are high.

And undoubtedly, you should pay attention to many details when buying a villa, and perhaps the most important of them is the location and that you choose it close to the tourist centers in the city, as well as that the villa is far from crowding, and of course you should pay attention to its internal specifications such as decoration, paint, space and building materials and others.

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