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Feb 5, 2023

5 Top Cities in Turkey to Reside

Today, Turkey is considered one of the countries that attracts the most attention to investors from everywhere to buy real estate and start real estate investment in it. This is due to several factors, foremost of which is the great renaissance that affected the country during the recent period, which contributed to the issuance of all aspects in terms of politics, economy, and cultural life. 

Also, we should not ignore the great development that Turkey has achieved in the field of health and education, which prompted large numbers of students and doctors to choose it as a place to study and work. It has also become the main destination for businessmen and billionaires. Therefore, if you are thinking of residing in Turkey, we have prepared for you of the best cities to live and reside in Turkey.

Istanbul, the city of beauty:

Istanbul is at the top of the list as the best city in Turkey to buy real estate, and this is not surprising at all, as the city of Istanbul has great importance and prestige, not only in Turkey, but also in the world. It is the most famous city in Turkey, the economic capital, and the most sought after by everyone, whether Turks or foreigners. The real estate market in Istanbul is known as diverse and includes many options that suit all categories. You can get the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul, as well as you can buy luxury real estate in Istanbul. It also includes a great number of real estate companies that help you on your journey of buying property in Istanbul.

Speaking about Istanbul’s advantages, we must mention that:

  • It is the country’s economic capital, as we mentioned before.
  • It enjoys a strategic location, as it is the only city in the world that spans the two continents of Asia and Europe.
  • It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey, due to the presence of many tourist places, which are visited by tourists from all over the world. Thus, for this reason, real estate investment in Istanbul is one of the most successful investments.
  • The city also enjoys a dense and advanced transportation network, which is the main reason that makes it on the top of the best cities in Turkey, as well as great interest in infrastructure and the establishment of distinctive investment projects throughout the city, such as Istanbul's new airport and Istanbul Water Canal.
  • It contains the best universities in Turkey and around the world. 

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Ankara the capital and the city of perfectness:

Ankara, ranked second as the best city to reside and live in Turkey, is the capital of Turkey and the second largest city after Istanbul. It is a very organized city, education is of a high standard, and life is easy. It is considered a safe city, and the cost of living is reasonable and even cheaper than in Istanbul. It is the appropriate city for those looking to achieve a balance between work and life or study and social life, which means that it is considered a very good option for living and working together.

The city of Ankara has a lot to offer, from its historical landmarks to its modern lifestyle, making it an attractive destination for tourists and investors alike.

Here are some advantages of residing in Ankara:

  • Ankara is one of the fastest-growing cities in Turkey, this growth is due to several factors, such as the city's expanding economy and its administrative status as the capital of Turkey. 

  • The city's economy is characterized by diversity, with industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and education all playing a role. This diversity provides investors stability and security, as well as opportunities, in addition to the capital’s continuous growth. 

  • It contains many international companies and institutions. It is relatively easier to find a well-paid and decent job. Jobs in Ankara are very diverse and from all industries.

Antalya, the city of tourism:

Antalya is the most important tourist city in Turkey and annually attracts a large number of tourists to enjoy its charming beaches and unique climate. Therefore, the most popular types of real estate in Antalya are hotel apartments and apartments on the sea, and restaurants and malls receive great attention from Tourists.

Antalya has its own international airports and contains many service and recreational facilities , and its charming green nature makes it a suitable place to buy land in Turkey or establish villas and farms , and real estate prices in Antalya are reasonable due to the advantages it enjoys .

Bursa, the city of commerce and industry:

Bursa is located near Istanbul and is one of the best cities to buy apartments in Turkey. The city of Bursa is distinguished by its attraction to the attention of tourists, and this is due to its richness in historical and archaeological sites, and real estate prices in Bursa are considered cheap when compared with real estate prices in Istanbul. The fact that it contains a large number of factories, companies, and institutions makes it a destination for housing, residence, and investment, whether by Turks or foreigners.

The city of Bursa includes many markets, universities, schools, and health centers. It also enjoys good transportation, and the Turkish government gives it great importance and is always working to improve its services and develop its infrastructure.

Trabzon, the city of charming nature:

If you are a lover of nature and tranquility, you will not find better than Trabzon to search for apartments for sale in Turkey with these specifications, as Trabzon is called the bride of the Black Sea and is characterized by its beautiful terrain, wide green areas, and extended forests, and what distinguishes it is its cool, nice, and cold weather in it is nice and cold, in addition, it is calm and less crowding than other Turkish cities. 

Trabzon is famous for the cultivation of Turkish tea and its people are characterized by simplicity and high morals. As for its real estate, it includes different forms of real estate that suit everyone and its decoration is simple and inexpensive to be more like rural houses. All of these features have made Trabzon a destination for buying real estate and housing for foreigners, especially from the Gulf countries, who call it the Switzerland of Turkey, so they prefer to visit it in summer and spring.

There is no doubt that many Turkish cities are suitable for housing and residence that we have not mentioned in this article. Turkey is a large country, and each city has its own advantages and characteristics that make it different from the others. It is worth noting that the preference in choosing the appropriate Turkish city for housing and residence varies from one person to another due to the different reasons for residence. 

Some want to live in Turkey to settle down with their family, while others want to study, or invest in real estate, or start up a company. Also, some people want to search for work, and some want to buy a property for the purpose of tourism and spending the summer vacation. 

Turkey is the only country in the world that brings all of these reasons together with prices and taxes that can never be compared to Europe. Most important of all is the safety and stability in the country, which encourages many to move and reside there.

You can learn more about Turkish cities and the advantages of housing and residence in each of them by contacting us on WhatsApp, here. Through this, you will be transferred directly to our company’s real estate consultant.




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