The best construction companies in Turkey concerned with real estate development

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Turkey provides a fertile ground for international capitals, when we talk about capitals, we mean the assets of giant companies which are opening new branches in Turkey, or about companies which started working in Turkey and waited for the opportunity to boost during the last decade.

The great facilitations that the investors find are the motive behind bringing capitals and businesses to Turkey. This unique experience has proven great success all over Turkey day after another.

Every year, the American construction magazine “Engineering News Record “ (ENR) publishes a list of the biggest 250 international development companies around the world. The classification relies on the income of construction companies inside and outside the country. At the end of 2019, 17 Turkish developers were in the top 20 companies of the ENR list. What are the Turkish companies which reached the top 10 ranks outstanding the leaders of the previous years- companies from China, USA and Europe?


        Rönesans Holding (Ankara)

Rönesans Holding for construction business was founded in 1993 in Russia (St. Petersburg).

Today, it is the general investor and contractor of the large industrial and health facilities in 28 countries. The main activities of the company are construction, development, power engineering and designing. Starting the end of the year 2019, the company is about to be classified among the top ten. At present, it is focusing on the development of the health care facilities in Turkey.

Health care facilities were built in Turkey with the area of 3200 hectares and the capacity of 9200 beds. The company pays special attention to the seismic safety of its projects. The hospital built by Rönesans Holding in Elazig withstood an earthquake with the seismic magnitude of 6.8.

The International Financial Company (IFC), a member of the World Bank, became a partner in Rönesans Holding in 2016.Today, Rönesans Holding builds shopping centers, offices, hotels, residential facilities, multi p-functional buildings, heavy industrial facilities, infrastructure projects, manufacturing projects, chemical and medical production plants, food and drink production plants, car and machine factories, public buildings, health care compounds and power plants.


         Alarko Holding (Istanbul)

 Alarko Holding was founded in 1954. It is one of the first construction companies in Turkey. It includes 24 companies (some are international). The main activities of the holding are construction and development, power engineering, the production of pumps and air conditioners, designing and construction of cinemas, night clubs and hotels. The plan of the holding for 2022 is the construction of some great development projects all over Turkey. The projects that the holding is working on now are dams, wastewater treatment plants, resorts (hotels by the sea and entertainment facilities), coal and solar energy plants and Istanbul metro.

         Limak Holding (Ankara)

Limak Holding was founded in 1976. It grew to become a great asset. It built the new Istanbul airport (the largest in the world), Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, the largest dam in Europe and many other projects in tens of countries. The main activities of holding are construction, cement production, power engineering and tourism. The projects that are being and will be built in Turkey are the longest suspension bridge in the world ( Çanakkale), Yusufeli Dam with the length of 275 metres. (the third largest dam in the world) and lots of other projects.


         Kolin Isaat

Started as a small family business in 1977 by the Kologlu brothers, Kolin Insaat grew to become a giant international construction company. Today, the development company has more than 3500 employees including 750 foreign experts. The company has implemented many projects such as highways, railways, metro, ports, residential development projects, industrial plants and dams. The 2022 plans include projects in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, çanakkale, Konya, Bursa, Iskeseher, Adana and many other Turkish cities and provinces.


        Tav Havalimanlari Holding

Tav Havalimanlari Holding was founded in 1997. It is specialized in designing, constructing and maintaining airports in different countries (USA, Africa, Europe and Russia). As a whole, the company constructed 91 airports in 28 countries. It is also in the management of 14 airports in 7 countries. Its projects in Turkey are Ataturk airport in Istanbul, Ankara Esenboga Airport, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, Gasipasa-Alanya Airport and Antalya International Airport. The company’s plans for 2022 include the re-construction of Antalya Airport and developing a new internet platform for young Turkish entrepreneurs who work in travel and Tourism. The platform discusses and develops different techniques for the future airports.

         Cengiz Insaat (Istanbul)

Cengiz Insaat was founded in 1980. It focuses on construction, power engineering tourism and mining in Turkey. The company has done many projects such as airports, dams, tunnels and marinas in addition to thousands of kilometres of highways and hundreds of other similar projects. The plans of the company include the construction of the hydroelectric power plant in Mersin, Istanbul metro, the dam and hydroelectric power plant in Mardin, the construction of an airport in Artvin Rize and many other projects.


        Sinpas GYO (Istanbul)

This company has been a pioneer in residential housing since 1974. Many of its projects in the cointry were typical in the sector. They also won prizes abroad. Some of the projects of the company are Aqua City, Bosphorus City, Sancaktepe Lagün, Ege  Boyo, Aydos Country, Metro City, Queen Bomonti, and Gökorman in Istanbul. There are Incek Life, Incek Blue, Ege Wadisiin Ankara and Aqua City in Bursa.


         Tekfen Holding for construction and Installation

Tekfen is an international construction company with huge accomplishments in Turkey, The Middle East, North Africa, Caucasus, Middle Asia, East and Middle Europe. Its activities include heavy civil Projects, refineries, petrochemical factories, Satellites, Main industrial treatment factories, pipelines, electricity plants and communication.

Tekfen is capable of enlarging its services to cover a huge range of clients all over the world.

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