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Turkey has always been a popular holiday destination for those looking for sun, good food, and interesting culture. As a result, it is not surprising that it offers all this and more to those who want to relocate permanently. While some of its major cities have taken on a more urban and modern feel, there are plenty of places that retain their classic Turkish charm. 

Turkey offers an attractive opportunity for expats due to its low cost of living and cultural diversity. If that sounds ideal, here are the best places to live in Turkey. 

Istanbul's Choice for Professional Expats 

For those who are looking for work, especially in the business world, Istanbul is definitely one of the best places to live in Turkey. It is the historical, economic and cultural sector of the country, which is why it is good for business. 

*Beyoglu district in Istanbul

The cost of living here is higher than anywhere else in Turkey for obvious reasons, but you can beat this by looking in the suburbs and commuting to work. It has everything you could possibly need from an urban space of this type: a vibrant nightlife, plenty of shopping, excellent local and international schools, and of course attractions like Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and more.

Antalya Tourism and Retirement Business Opportunities 

Antalya is a well-known tourist destination and would be ideal for anyone thinking of setting up a business such as a restaurant or a hotel. Of course, this will mean that the work is seasonal, but it offers good opportunities nonetheless. 

The city itself is clean and safe and witnesses weekly food markets, which helps keep the cost of living low. If you are considering business, the city would be a better option due to its superb internet speeds and public transportation network. 

In fact, if you are into outdoor activities, you can try to walk the Antalya route to Vati, which is one of the longest single tracks in the world. 

Bodrum high standard of living 

Bodrum quickly blossomed into a city of high caliber thanks to its association in the 1960s with foreign artists and writers. Nowadays, it has become a popular tourist destination, especially with celebrities. In the past, the likes of Kate Moss, Bill Gates, Nicole Kidman and Tom Hanks have been seen here. 

There are plenty of perfect rural destinations for retirement within the larger region, such as Gumusluk, Turkbuku and Gumbet. The latter is especially suitable for those who are interested in water sports. 

The city itself is arguably "richer" than the surrounding areas but is also more popular with tourists. There are plenty of huge hotels along the coast, but you will eventually find some amazing deals on homes and villas if you look hard enough. 

The city will be a good choice if you are looking to work or raise a family because you will be close to the necessary amenities. But if you're looking for a slightly more rustic place for your retirement, there are plenty of options in the larger area. 

Bursa City Heritage

Many foreigners prefer the western side of Turkey because it is considered more cosmopolitan. But if you want a taste of the real Turkey, then somewhere like Bursa is perfect. 

It also has a lot of green spaces. It is known locally as the Green Bursa due to the efforts of the local government to preserve the natural spaces, including parks and forests. This makes it a good family destination as it doesn't feel very urban. 

An amazing bonus that you will find here that is arguably rare in Turkey is skiing. Uludag Mountain dominates the city skyline, housing a ski resort. So, if you want to live in Turkey but don't want to give up on winter sports, this could be the right place. 

Izmir is ideal for retirement 

If retirement is the purpose of your move to Turkey, you won't do much better than Izmir. It is one of the largest cities in Turkey and has all the amenities you would expect with such a title. Most importantly, it has great national and international transport links the most important of which is a famous port. The city itself has many pedestrian routes if you don't want to take a bus anywhere.. Izmir is located on the Aegean Sea and thus comes with all the advantages you would expect. These include plenty of water sports, sailing opportunities and a good climate. 

If you want to live on the coast away from the city, popular expat destinations include Cesme and Foca, or somewhere like Alacati (Turkey's surfing capital) is a good option if you want to be active.

Marmaris, a dream of sea lovers

 Marmaris is located in southwestern Turkey on the Turkish Riviera. As you would expect from this title, it comes with a certain sense of privacy and lifestyle that can only be found in other Rivieras. 

The town is a national center for sailing and diving and is a popular choice as a winter location for boat owners. It has several beaches and small marinas which are ideal for keeping a boat. 

But if you want more wild activities, Marmaris has you covered as well. There are options for biking, safaris, climbing, kayaking, and more to keep you active. The area has a wonderful natural history, too. One of the highlights is Nimara Cave on Paradise Island, which is located off the coast of Marmaris. It has been a site of religious worship for thousands of years and is definitely worth a visit.

Even in the more western parts of Turkey, you can expect a major shift in culture. All but the tourist-packed areas retain their language and way of life, and it's important to do a lot of research to make sure it is a good fit for you. 

But no matter if you are looking for Turkey for retirement or work or buying real estate, there are plenty of perfect places to choose from. One ideal way to find out the correct answers to your questions is to reach out to expats in the country. Turkey is a surprisingly friendly place and this is true for both locals and expats. 

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