The cheapest areas to buy real estate in Turkey 2022

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Home buyers often ask, where is the cheapest place to buy property in Turkey? Given a specific amount owned by the buyer. When buying a property anywhere in the world, there is more than the price of the house to consider. In Turkey, real estate for sale is much cheaper than most countries. But buying a home is an investment in your financial future, your net worth. In this article, we look at where the cheapest property to sell is and other factors around the housing market that buyers should consider. 

Cheapest places to buy real estate in Turkey 

Real estate in Altinkum - Didim

Altinkum, also known as Didim, is a favorite destination for British tourists and homebuyers. With an average property price starting around $45,000, the area has a large community of retired expats, some of whom are renters while others have embarked on a property hunt to find their dream home. There are several reasons why homes for sale are exceptionally cheap. The most important of them is because of the abundance of houses in the market and the land available for construction, which keeps real estate prices low. 

Places in Trabzon 

Trabzon is an ideal place for real estate investment because, like Didim, it has been late in investing in the Turkish real estate market. In addition, Trabzon houses for sale do not get the same amount of attention as other destinations such as Istanbul and the coasts of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. The region is particularly different in that Europeans flock to the south and west coast, Trabzon mainly attracts Middle Eastern property buyers who are interested in family homes due to the conservative atmosphere. A variety of neighborhoods sparkle with the construction of new homes, and some of them have balcony duplexes with a wonderful view of the sea.


If you want a quiet retirement destination that brings you back into contact with nature, consider the Dalaman region. Most visitors know it because of the international airport, but the area has done an excellent job of building residential properties in style. Any real estate investor or home buyer looking for prices should keep in mind an initial budget of $45,000. This will result in an apartment in a complex, often with public facilities such as a swimming pool. European buyers looking to relocate will love Dalaman, thanks to the international flights offered by the nearby airport. 

Buying investment property in Istanbul 

One look at the property listings in Istanbul, and you will soon realize that this is the most developed housing market in Turkey. Homes for sale in Istanbul brings together buyers and sellers from all over the world. Although there are prestigious areas to buy a house in, Istanbul is expanding on the outskirts of the European side, which has attracted the attention of many international investors. The properties for sale include every type you can imagine, including mansions with prices up to one million pounds. However, locals and foreigners invest in off-plan projects, and some offer long-term, interest-free payment plans of up to five years.


Homebuyers looking for housing for their annual vacation often choose Alanya, with prices starting at around $45,000. Suburbs like Mahmutlar show a lot of hope for long-term value growth and because the local council has invested a lot in local infrastructure. In addition, real estate sales are receiving a boost thanks to Alanya's drive to increase its tourism market. The increase in interest had an indirect effect on the housing market. 

What are the other overpricing factors then?

 - Selling your property: 

Some people aim to preserve their homes for generations to come while others are looking to sell in later years. The key here is to maximize capital growth; We view this as a medium to long-term financial endeavor. Ideally, you should keep it for at least five years, and for more than 10 years, to make this home buying project work for you. 

- Operation and maintenance costs: 

Part of owning a property means annual maintenance and repair costs. House bills are cheap compared to other countries, but for example, complexes with apartments must pay an annual apartment utility fee, which is earmarked for the maintenance of common areas. Likewise, a homeowner might take pleasure in their own pool, but this requires a fee for chemicals, cleaning, and maintenance each year. Before you buy a property, consider your annual operating costs to prevent any headaches later.

- Home renovation: 

In their quest to become homeowners, some people love the idea of ​​a renovation project. They find a bargain property and start thinking of ways to make it their dream home. However, this type of real estate ends up being the most expensive real estate investment you can ever make. Some older residential properties are being sold cheap because the structure is not in line with government regulations for building standards. The house for sale does not contain the legally required papers such as the housing certificate, which indicates that the building is suitable for housing. 

- Closing costs: 

All home sales in Turkey have legal fees and taxes that must be paid, so consider these in your budget along with the price of your new home. Costs to consider include land registration fees, notary fees, translator and attorney fees, appraisal, and taxes. 

Find a property for sale in Turkey 

In general, the search for a house in Turkey is an enjoyable process due to the reasonable options despite the variety of prices.. It is sufficient that each region in Turkey has a tourist history and can be a future tourist destination, even if it is rural. You are free to choose.

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