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Some may think that buying villas in Istanbul or any other type of real estate is the preserve of people with high budgets only, but the truth is otherwise, as the real estate market in Istanbul is witnessing great diversity that made it suitable for all tastes and budgets.

We will remove the question marks on this topic and present to you, through this article, the most important places to search for cheap villas for sale in Istanbul, and we will explain to you in detail the advantages of these villas in that city.

Prices for villas in Istanbul:

Before we answer your questions on this subject, we must point out the factors that control the prices of villas in this city usually so that you can choose the villa that is suitable for you and your budget.

- Villa prices vary, whether they are on the Asian side or the European side, the prices on the European side are higher than the other side.

- Also, prices vary in one area and from one place to another, according to its location and the view it enjoys.

- The proximity of public transportation and its distance from the villa has a significant impact on its price, as well as recreational places and other service facilities such as shopping centers.

- The quality of finishes, cladding and decorations, and if it is of an old or modern design and the features it enjoys, does it contain a swimming pool - a garden - how many floors does it consist of? And many more details.

Do not forget that external factors or general conditions in the country have a good influence on prices such as economic conditions or health conditions.

The cheapest villas in Istanbul:

If you want to know the areas in which you can find the cheapest villas for sale in Istanbul, you can follow the following paragraph, where we will refer to those areas in detail:

1 - Rural areas in Istanbul:

One of the axioms that you should be aware of is that real estate prices that are located in rural areas are cheaper than those in the city centre, and this is what prompted many people and investors to head to rural or remote areas such as (Riva Village) and (Polonez Village).

One of the advantages of searching for a villa for sale in the countryside of Istanbul is that it is characterized by calm and serenity, and this suits many people, such as the elderly or the sick.

You will also find many different aspects of nature such as parks, gardens, and wide green spaces, and add to your information that life in it is completely healthy because of its distance from sources of pollution and noise.

But if you are wondering about the negatives of searching for villas for sale in those areas, they are far from transportation, meaning that moving from one place to another is somewhat difficult and also lacks many service facilities and markets.

2 - The cheapest villas for sale in Esenyurt:

This area is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul on the European side and is characterized by its high housing density, and one of the reasons behind this is that real estate prices are somewhat moderate.

3 - The cheapest villas for sale in Beylikduzu:

Beylikduzu is one of the most important areas of Istanbul, which contains a lot of luxury real estate and high-end residential complexes, villas with a wonderful sea view, and there are also others with a view of green spaces.

There are many areas in Istanbul that are suitable for searching for cheap villas for sale, such as rural Silivri, Catalca or Arnavutkoy. Be completely confident that when your search is through one of the reliable real estate companies in Turkey, you will not put much effort and fatigue in order to get your desire.

Check out the advantages of buying cheap villas in Istanbul:

Before you make any decision, you should look at its features. Are they really suitable for you? Therefore, we will present the following the most important things related to this topic:

- In the area where the cheap villas are located, all life costs are moderate and suitable as well.

- It is one of the options that suits the owners of small capital and allows them to start an investment project.

- It is a reasonable allowance for the rents you have to pay each month.

- You should know that real estate prices change from time to time due to the circumstances and changes that occur in the country, and therefore you will have a chance to double your money.

- The property owner will not have monthly returns like those paid in apartment complexes.

- These areas are witnessing many urban transformation projects that increase their investment value.

For example, in Esenyurt, after many urban transformation projects, real estate has become divided into two parts, the first being popular and the other luxury residential complexes.

One of the most important advantages of buying villas is that it can be a stand-alone project, for example, it can be an educational institution, a commercial company, or a medical center. In addition, it can be rented to get a good return.

The negative aspects of buying cheap villas:

As it has advantages and positives, there are many things that do not suit everyone, namely:

- Being far from public transportation.

- Far from service facilities such as schools, universities and medical centers.

- Most of the time it will be unfurnished.

- If you want to invest in real estate, these cheap villas will not provide you with high returns.

The world of real estate in Turkey is wide and large. It offers you many options, there are cheap and there are luxurious and expensive ones, but first of all, ask your full questions about which option you consider.

You can contact us to provide you with the most important real estate offers available to us and to inform you of all the details you need to know.

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