The downside in the work of real estate marketing companies

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Real estate marketing companies play an important and sophisticated role in providing accurate information and various consultations to the client, and introducing him to the right housing or investment projects, taking into account the need to diversify options and propose opportunities, and provide after-sales services such as property management, following the work of contemporary corporate culture Which focus on customer satisfaction and quality of service.  

Despite the importance of the role of these companies and the professionalism of many of them, there is a negative aspect in the work of the bulk of them, and can be summarized this negative aspect as follows:

1.  The limited supply and poverty of many companies, the success of the idea of ​​real estate marketing encouraged a lot of intruders, who do not have sufficient experience, and the appropriate options for the client in terms of quantity and quality to work in this profession, so the customer must make sure of the proficiency of the real estate consultant on the phone , And the real estate field expert and their great knowledge of the market.

2.  Many companies adopt a narrow and limited vision towards customers and their relationship with them. Selling customers in any way becomes the strategic goal of the company, without taking into account the interest of these customers and their level of satisfaction later, which harms the company, depriving it from additional customers.

3.  Not telling the truth to the client and lying to him, falls in the context of this:

·  Opacity, the employee of the company may hide important information from the client and does not mention them at all, such as hiding information about the difficulty of finding transportation to the area where you want to live, or not to note that the Due project with increasing premiums is not fixed. An employee who wants to obfuscate can follow many tactics such as dodging and escaping forward, to a related subject or another conversation that is hard to notice to avoid answering a particular question.

·  Excessive exaggeration by choosing glamorous titles and resonant descriptions on things you do not deserve, and choose addresses such as: Own your dream apartment in the center of Istanbul for $ 19000… Buy a property in installments and get Turkish citizenship for free … and use qualities such as: luxury, fictional, amazing in describing an ordinary or rickety apartment … only examples of a big exaggeration that is approaching lying and misinformation. Because the rope of lying is short as the Arab proverb says, the abusers to the real estate marketing profession make up arguments to save their face, such as the claim that the offer that the client likes really exists, but unfortunately two hours ago ended, or that the desired apartment was sold to a Dr. or a lawyer.

·  No responsibility to the customer, intentionally or unintentionally, for example, an employee of a marketing company may send out old prices dating back to the time of construction of the project. The aim of all this is to win the promise and precedence of the marketing company with the client, so it is not necessary when two different companies offer the same customer different prices for one project, that the company that offered lower prices is sincere, it is not originally the seller and when the client arrives at the project he will be surprised of higher prices Under the pretext of the pattern: prices rose two days ago, the advertisment that I saw was private and was sold ..

4.  Calling the client at inappropriate times, or excessive repeated calls, disturbing the client’s comfort, and many real estate field staff put great pressure on the client to book or to buy an apartment, without creating reasons for the client to be ready to book and purchase. 

5.  Employees are not trained or qualified to deal with the client professionally, and we do not exaggerate to say that many employees train by customers themselves.

6.  The lack of respect for business ethics and customs in dealings of some companies or with competitors, such as asking a client to buy in the same project that was seen two hours ago with another company, which puts the respected customer with great embarrassment with the project staff and the company that introduced him to the project at the first time, and creates problems, knowing that the material and moral right of the company that introduced the client to the project is fully preserved by the project developer.

In the end, it should be said that the negative aspects in the work of the marketing companies that we have presented do not necessarily all come together in one company, or applied by one employee in its entirety, and individual mistakes and human lapses undoubtedly have a place no matter how important and professional the company is. Therefore, we must distinguish between company culture and individual mistakes, marketing and deception.

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