The investment importance of the Turkish city of Izmir

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The city of Izmir is located in western Anatolia in Turkey. It is considered the third most overcrowded city in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. It is the first export port and has an important market for the distribution of manufactured products imported from abroad, and an annual exhibition is held in it, which is the most important commercial phenomenon in the region, and Izmir is The second Turkish industrial city after Istanbul, where 31% of the workforce is engaged in industrial activities. The city extends from the bay of Izmir in the Delta River to the east of the alluvial plain.

The city's population is about 2,847,691 people, according to the 2019 census. This city includes several neighborhoods that have recently become the focus of tourists' attention due to its possession of many tourist, cultural and recreational attractions such as squares, archaeological museums, beaches and parks. This beautiful city represents a good future destination for real estate investment in Turkey

 * From a commercial point of view:

Izmir outperforms the capital, Ankara, in terms of commercial attractions. It ranks second after Istanbul in terms of attracting merchants and commercial transactions.

 * In terms of housing and living:

According to the indicators of social capital recently announced by the Turkish Ministry of Development, Izmir is considered the best Turkish city for living and is witnessing rapid growth, which is the largest compared to other cities, and the most prominent reason for this is certainly what this beautiful city attracts from investments at the local and international levels, especially in the last two years.

The real estate sector has also been positively affected in Izmir, according to this growing population. The demand for real estate has increased recently and suddenly due to the increase in the volume of local investment as well, which made the real estate market in Izmir a rapidly growing market and holds many opportunities for real estate investors. The rise in real estate prices in Izmir in the last decade was about 105% at the lowest estimates.

Historically and archaeological sites:

It is considered one of the oldest Mediterranean cities in the world, which bears historical importance for about five thousand years, where the first Greek settlement was established since 1000 BC, where the Aeolians founded the city, but the Ionians took it after that, and with the seventh century the city flourished and developed into a huge city with fortifications Large and two-storey houses, until Aliatis took control of it to disappear for 300 years, then Alexander the Great worked on re-establishing it, to become one of the main cities in Asia Minor, and later became a center for the Roman diocese of Asia entered into competition for the title of the first city in Asia.

The city includes many tourist places due to the presence of the port, as it was the main port of Turkey, so Izmir was filled with historical monuments that reflect the history of ancient civilizations from the civilization of the Ottoman Empire and civilizations of the ancient Roman era, and the following are some of the most famous historical places in Izmir:

Agora: Located in the center of Izmir, it is an open-air museum characterized by its stone arches, dating back to the fourth century BC.

Kemeralti Market: which is characterized by its colorful shops, narrow streets and many temples, and there are several Ottoman caravanserais dating back to the eighteenth century.

Asansor: It means "elevator" and it is a structure built in 1907 for the purpose of transporting goods and people from Karatas to the steep hills, but nowadays it has one of the best views of the city and also has a wonderful restaurant.

Pergamon: It is one of the ancient Greek cities that includes many monuments, such as the Pergamon Altar, and there is also the Keppel Reserve.

Ephesus: It is a famous Greek city that dates back to the tenth century BC.

At the end of this article, we have given everyone who wants to buy property in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey a broader overview of the city of Izmir and its historical importance and tourist attractions that attract tourists and activate the movement and vitality in the city, which confirms The material profits that can result from any type of investment, especially real estate investment in Turkey ... Of course, the urban development and the services provided by the Turkish government in this city encourage everyone who wants to live and reside there.


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