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Feb 5, 2023

Mechanism and Conditions for Obtaining Permanent residential Permit in Turkey

Since the moment Turkey became the right place for many people and foreigners to reside, it was necessary to find a legal way to settle there. There are many types of residency, including real estate, tourist, student, and permanent residential permit. In this article, permanent residency will be the focus of our conversation to inform you of the most important details and information related to it.

First, we will mention a simplified definition of what we mean by residency (it is an official permit issued by the concerned authorities stipulating the possibility of the foreigner to be in Turkey legally without being subjected to violations or fines.

Conditions for obtaining permanent residence permit in Turkey:

In order to obtain this residence permit in Turkey, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must have resided in Turkey for eight consecutive years without interruption.
  • He must not have received any social assistance from any organization in Turkey during the last three years.
  • The applicant must have a stable source of income that helps him secure a decent life for himself and his family.
  • The foreigner must have a valid health insurance.
  • It will be verified that his presence in Turkey does not pose any threat to national security.
  • It is not possible for anyone who holds humanitarian or temporary protection residency to apply for it.

It should be noted here that if the foreigner is under the legal age, he must first obtain the consent of his parents.

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Important notes about obtaining permanent residence:

The basic condition for a foreigner to obtain permanent residence permit in Turkey is that he/she has resided in Turkey for a continuous period of eight years, but there are exceptional ways to obtain it without waiting for 8 years, namely:

  • Turkey has made it possible for some citizens of Arab countries to obtain this residence permit without the condition of waiting.
  • In some cases, it can be obtained by virtue of an exceptional decision issued by the Turkish Presidency or the Ministry of the Interior. (Those cases are determined by Turkey).

How to obtain permanent residence permit:

In order to obtain this residence permit in Turkey, you must book an appointment through the immigration website first, and below you must start preparing the required papers and documents, which are as follows:

  • Residence permit application form.
  • The foreigner's passport and a copy of it must be translated into Turkish and certified by the notary public.
  • A document confirming that the foreigner has not received any help during the last three years.
  • Personal photos and a non judicial document.
  • A document proving that the financial income obtained by the foreigner is sufficient for him and the people he is responsible for.
  • Medical insurance that is valid - the address of the residence and is extracted from the Registry Department.

Wondering how long you should wait before getting it? It takes about four months to study the application for it, and after that, it is either granted or rejected.

Reasons for canceling permanent residence:

According to the Turkish constitution, permanent residence permit in Turkey is granted indefinitely, and there is no specific period for its term to expire, but in certain cases it may be withdrawn.

  • In the event that the holder poses any threat or danger to public security in Turkey.
  • If he left Turkey for more than a year continuously without a convincing excuse such as completing his studies or performing military service.

The advantages and disadvantages of permanent residence in Turkey:

The holder of this residence permit is exempted from performing military service.

  • He/she can enjoy all the rights that a Turkish citizen gets.
  • Take advantage of the advanced education system and enroll in public and private universities.
  • Benefit from the health benefits and receive advanced treatment and care in government and private hospitals.
  • Buying real estate with easy procedures and establishing businesses and companies.
  • Turkey is an ideal environment for living and stability, with development and renaissance that includes all its fields.
  • The cost of living in Turkey is low and suitable for everyone, in contrast to the case in European countries or in some Arab countries.
  • Did you know that you will have an opportunity to buy a property in Turkey with high quality specifications at reasonable prices.

Reasons for obtaining permanent residence:

There are many incentives that encourage foreigners, especially Arabs, to obtain this residence permit. Check them out through the following paragraph:

The Turkish economy is one of the main incentives that make any foreigner decide to settle and reside in Turkey. It is evidence of the stability and development experienced by this country, and for that it is working to establish many strategic projects that have a great impact on the economy.

The geographical location of the Turkish state, as it is in the middle of the world, is easily accessible. Add to your information that it is surrounded by four important seas (Mediterranean Sea - Aegean Sea - Black Sea - Marmara Sea)

It also extends over two continents at the same time, giving it their characteristics together.

Arabs are among the foreigners most willing to settle in Turkey for several reasons, including:

  • Turkey's location is close to the Arab world (there is ease of movement and travel).
  • The low cost of living is in contrast to the case in European countries.
  • The participation of the Arab community with the Turks in many common customs and traditions.
  • Also, the common Islamic religion is one of the main elements that encourage them to move to it, especially in light of the harsh conditions experienced by their countries.

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