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Feb 5, 2023

The Most Famous Highways in Istanbul

Istanbul highways have become a major part of the urban development in this unique city. It is considered the vital artery that connects the European and Asian parts of Istanbul. It is a network of modern roads that blend perfectly with the city's historical heritage. This modern infrastructure reflects the lives of the city's visitors, supporting efficient and easy transportation.

Istanbul stands out for being home to the most crucial road axes and vital main highways in Turkey. Notably, Istanbul highways comprise three key routes that act as the central nerve of the region, serving as crucial connection points with other European countries. Throughout this article, we will delve into the specifics of Istanbul highways and underscore their significance.

First: the E5 highway

It is the most important among Istanbul highway. It starts from the Buyukcekmece area, passing through the Beylikduzu area to the Fatih area until it reaches the Asian side of Istanbul. It forms a vital artery that crosses the city from north to south, especially since it plays an important role in relieving traffic congestion specially that the Metrobus line passes through it, so it is used daily by thousands of residents and travelers.

We can also say that it is one of Istanbul highways that passes through vital areas such as Besiktas, Sisli, and Aksaray, all the way to the Atakoy area. This line witnesses a continuous flow of vehicles and public transportation, which contributes to facilitating traffic and supporting the economy and urban development in the areas through which it passes.

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Metrobus Line:

The Metrobus line is one of the most important highways in Istanbul. It is 52 km long. It consistently registers a daily ridership surpassing 800,000 passengers. It is a vital and efficient public transportation system that connects different areas of the city, and is an essential part of the public transportation structure in Istanbul. Metrobus is a unique system that combines the features of buses and metro, providing an efficient and comfortable means of transportation for citizens and visitors alike.

The Metrobus line extends along the E5 highway, which crosses the city of Istanbul from north to south, and serves multiple stations such as: Aksaray, Marmara, Zeytinburnu, and others. It is considered a fast and efficient means of transportation, as it allows passengers to bypass traffic congestion and move around easily.

Metrobus stations are characterized by providing integrated services, including comfortable waiting areas and advanced ticketing systems, which reflect the advanced infrastructure and government interest. It is a preferred choice for travelers looking for a reliable and efficient means of transportation in Istanbul, which contributes to improving their quality of life and facilitating their transportation in the city. It is also distinguished from other means of transportation by having a private track that does not shared with cars. One of its most important features is that it works 24 hours a day without stopping, connecting night with day and east with west.

Second: Highway E80

The E80 line is one of the main and vital highways in Istanbul. It extends along the northern coast of the Black Sea, connecting different areas in Istanbul and the main cities located along this line. The route of this road starts from Lisbon in Portugal, passing through Turkey, Istanbul in particular, and reaching the Iranian city of Bazargan. Its length in Turkey alone reached about (6,960 km). It was established in 1977 as one of the regional cooperation projects with technical and administrative support from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE/UN). It is considered one of the largest joint regional projects, as it was called the “artery of the city” because of its great importance.

Third: The Basin Express highway

This road is considered the main center of Istanbul, as it intersects at two different points with both the E5 and E80, in addition to being the main road that connects Istanbul International Airport (the largest airport in the world) with the rest of the areas in the city, besides to being the new center of Istanbul, the commercial heart, and the home to more than 25 private universities and the best international schools. It also contains two of the largest malls in Istanbul, a selection of leading real estate projects, and many huge commercial centers. It is a meeting point for pioneers and major businessmen and a central business hub according to the plan followed by the Greater Istanbul Municipality.

These highways in Istanbul played an important role in the social and economic development in Turkey, especially after establishing subsidiary highways. They also contributed to enhancing ease of access to other Turkish cities by connecting them together, which led to alleviating traffic congestion, shortening distances and shortening time, which is one of the most important reasons that encourage real estate investment in Istanbul currently.

Are these methods paid?

Yes .. as all cars and trucks can cross from those roads. Yet, vehicle owners who want to cross most of those roads must have their vehicles subject to the Highway Traffic System or the so-called (“HGS”).

What is HGS System?

It is a fast payment system that works by radio frequencies. The function of this system is to deduct a certain amount of money every time cars are registered passing through one of the highways restricted by this system. This system is used in various parts of the Republic of Turkey and is applied to all vehicles that pass through small gates carrying a digital plate called (OGS & HGS) and this system is a very useful system, because it provides a quick solution to traffic instead of waiting at the manual ticket windows that were used before.

What are the fees for these roads?

The fare within those points varies from place to place; Depending on the type of car or truck passing by. Despite that, it is considered a symbolic fare for regular cars, as it ranges between (30 to 37.50) Turkish liras only, while commercial cars or trucks of the category (3, 4 and 5) pay more. 

How are these fees paid?

The (HGS) card, or what is called the fast-traffic card, can be obtained through the nearest branch of the (PTT) to you, or by showing the car papers and the necessary licenses to the banks contracting with the (HGS) department in Turkey. This card is a sticker card that is placed on the windshield of the car to be visible every time the car passes through the payment gates.

Finally, we can say that the Turkish government has actually contributed to the development of the country's infrastructure, especially the issue of transportation and highways, which provides citizens and tourists ease of movement within Istanbul. This is also a major factor that prompted foreign and Arab investors to buy real estate in Istanbul for the purpose of real estate investment in Turkey, where it is considered a successful project with high profit returns and includes all the neighboring services such as transportation lines, commercial centers and universities.

To learn more about the most important highways, infrastructure and all the factors that affect real estate investment in Istanbul, contact us via WhatsApp, here. Our real estate expert will respond to you as quickly as possible.



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