The Most Important Areas In Istanbul with High Office Investment Returns

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According to the statistics of investments in Turkey, Turkey is distinguished by being a fertile ground for investment projects, in general, and real estate investments, in particular, as they are fixed assets that are not affected much by political and economic changes, although some slight and temporary effects appear from time to time, yet, it returns to the fore again. Istanbul topped the list of the best cities to achieve an increase in the returns of real estate investment in Turkey, due to its tourist and historical attractions which makes it a destination for tourists in summer and winter.

Commercial Real Estate Investment:

Turkish laws allow foreigners to own real estate in Turkey, whether for the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship, family housing, or for the purpose of trade and investment, through reselling and obtaining a return with a higher profit rate, or through renting, for investment with direct profit.

How to Have a Higher Profit from Commercial Real Estate Investment?

  • The region in which the investor wishes to invest.
  • The project’s site and the services included.
  • Modern infrastructures and closing to transportation lines.
  • Re-renting or selling the property with a high return.

The Most Important Areas of Commercial Real Estate Investment in Istanbul and their Advantages:

Basin Express:

The largest Turkish and foreign companies set up commercial projects in this area, because of its strategic location of it, in addition to the presence of the most important banks and foreign investments. The region is characterized by great interest by the Turkish government in recent times in terms of infrastructure projects, especially transportation.


It is called the "City of the Wealthy" because of the sophistication of the region which is selected by the finest classes of Turkish society, including ministers, merchants, businessmen, and artists, to live and settle in. It is an ideal area for the residence of ambassadors and foreign businessmen. It is an area that combines civilization and urban development. Worth to be mentioned that modern transportation plays an important role in the vitality of the region. It is a central area on the level of Sariyer Istanbul, with two metro stations of the M2 line passing through it, and its closeness to the E80 highway.

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This region is characterized by the diversity of real estate in terms of type and area. It includes many investment projects, whether for residential or office apartments. International and local companies take this region as their headquarters, while tourists come to it and prefer to reside there, due to the sophistication and luxury of its neighborhoods. Sisli is located in the center of Istanbul. It is surrounded by many vital tourist areas, which made it the financial and business center in Istanbul.


It is relatively new in European Istanbul and is witnessing an active construction movement of huge residential projects. The region overlooks the Sea of Marmara. The investment value of this region lies in the availability of large-sized apartments and office apartments, modernity, and the strength of infrastructure and transportation. As for real estate prices in Beylikduzu, they are lower than real estate prices in the city center, which makes them more attractive to investors.


This area is characterized by its crowdedness and its location close to vital areas, and it is characterized by moderate real estate prices due to the nature and privacy of the area, which can provide a suitable investment environment. A number of investors tends to invest in apartments suitable for student housing, commercial apartments, and offices, due to the presence of many universities and education and trade centers in the area, as a result of the large population movement.


Basaksehir was established in 2008 and it is one of the newest regions of Istanbul in terms of administrative independence. Basaksehir extends over an area of 104.33 km2, located in the western European part of Istanbul. It is characterized by its infrastructure and utilities in terms of public transportation and large and famous shopping malls such as the Mall of Olympia and the Mall of Istanbul. It is distinguished by a beautiful nature, vast green spaces, and rolling hills covered with greenery, in addition to the valleys and lakes, such as the Water Valley, the Chamlar Natural Forest and the Public Park, and the artificial lake Bahçeşehir Göleti.

The housing and urbanization sector in Basaksehir is witnessing great and rapid development, thanks to large housing projects of a high level of quality and sophistication, as well as the charming views of the valley and the botanical garden, in a quiet atmosphere that the region enjoys.


Kagithane is located on the European side of Istanbul, at a central point among the most vital areas of Istanbul, surrounded by the Sarayer, Besiktas and Sisli, the famous Beyoglu district of Taksim Square and Istiklal Street, and the Eyup Sultan district. Kagithane district overlooks a short coastline that reaches the Golden Horn, with an area of about 23 km2.

Kagithane was given this name on behalf of a watercourse that flows into the Golden Horn in Istanbul. It had a rich history at the time of the Ottoman Empire because of its beauty and unique nature. There are many Arabic names given to Kagithane, such as Kathana, Kaed Hana, Kaed Khana, and Kait Hana.

It is one of the important areas in Istanbul that attracts the attention of investors in terms of real estate because it is located within the urban development plan that the Turkish government is working on. In addition, the most important main transportation lines pass through the region to connect it with ease to the rest of Istanbul, while the architectural movement is active, which means that the value of the real estate in the region is constantly increasing.

Kagithane is attractive to real estate investors, due to the level of luxury that the area enjoys, the strength of the infrastructure, the beautiful nature, stunning views, and the presence of high-end residential complexes equipped with the best ideal services and features that lead to stability. The area was transformed from an entertainment area into an industrial area, so many companies moved towards it for work.


It is considered the business center in the Asian section of Istanbul. Many international companies make Umraniye their headquarters due to the abundance of manpower in it. Huge commercial complexes have been established to meet the needs of the residents of the region, which made it a new destination for investors, as it has become one of the best real estate investment areas in Istanbul.

The area of ​​the region is 22 thousand square kilometers. Its population exceeds 650 thousand people. The region includes 14 neighborhoods, the most famous of which are Umraniye and Çekmekoy. It includes 6 municipalities and 4 villages.


Kartal is located directly on the Sea of Marmara. It is a modern area within the Asian section of Istanbul, and it is characterized by calmness and large number of infrastructure projects, such as metro stations and bridges in addition to huge commercial complexes. It has become a destination for investors and major construction companies in Turkey, in addition to the construction of the largest residential projects with modern designs.

Kartal is characterized by including infrastructure, transportation, universities, and hospitals, which made it a destination for investment and family housing.

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