The most successful forms of real estate investment in Turkey

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The real estate sector in Turkey has developed significantly in recent times and was able to receive a large number of Arab and foreign investors from all over the world to buy real estate in Turkey and enter the real estate investment world in Turkey .

But certainly, before entering the Turkish real estate market, it must be studied in detail to know the most successful forms of real estate investment and the most profitable..

Buying and renting an apartment in Turkey:

Many investors resort to buying apartments in Turkey and renting them, and this is one of the most common forms of real estate investment and makes profits as well. You can simply choose an apartment with a strategic location and within an area that is popular with foreign tourists and rent it to tourists or families and With this, you can guarantee a stable monthly income, and certainly the more you pay attention to the specifications of the apartment, the more profit it will return to you. The apartments with sea views are characterized by the fact that they attract the attention of tourists, especially in the summer season, and therefore they return many profits and are distinguished by their high rents, and this also applies to apartments located Close to the city's attractions.

Also, rental prices vary according to the city, for example, within the city of Istanbul, real estate rents will be more than the internal cities.

Buying a commercial property in Turkey:

The second form that achieves abundant profits in Turkey is to buy a commercial property in Turkey, as it can be benefited from through many ways either by renting it or by opening it as a work office or even by opening this store and selling different products, but certainly it is necessary to Attention to some points when buying commercial property in Turkey, the most important of which is to pay attention to the location of the property, as it is necessary that it be within a lively area that witnesses movement and that it be close to transportation lines in order to facilitate access to it.

Buying property in Turkey and reselling it:

Another way that foreign investors resort to is to buy property in Turkey and then resell it after a period of time when its price rises , and this requires a study of the real estate market in Turkey and knowing the appropriate times to buy and sell real estate to make big money .

Renting apartments for students:

There are a large number of students who do not like to live in student housing at the university and want more freedom, independence and privacy as well, and such people cannot buy a property in Turkey, and therefore some investors tend to buy and rent real estate to a group of students in exchange for A sum of money is paid monthly. Usually, students prefer apartments near universities, so that they do not need transportation.

Buying land in Turkey:

This type of real estate investment is considered one of the most successful investments, because the prices of land in Turkey are cheap when compared to ready-made properties, and there are many ways to benefit from the land, either by using this land for agriculture if it is intended for that and growing various crops or by building Real estate investment projects such as villas in Turkey, residential complexes, or even the construction of malls and hotels.

Certainly, attention should be paid to the location of this land so that it is not far from the city. It is also necessary to ascertain the type of title deed, whether it is agricultural or residential.

Buying hotel apartments in Turkey:

Hotel apartments have great importance in Turkey, as it is known that tourism in Turkey plays a major role in supporting the country’s economy, and there are many tourists who prefer to stay in hotel apartments during their vacation in Turkey, and great focus should be placed on the location of these apartments and decorations. It is also necessary that it contain the latest equipment and tools to ensure a comfortable stay for tourists, thus ensuring the success of the project and earning abundant funds.

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